Sydney’s Finest Nutella Creations

Nutella is the last sun of a dying world, sent to bring us hope. Or it might just be an addictively delicious substance – you choose.

TrueLocal - Pasticceria Papa: Nutella Treats in Sydney

Pasticceria Papa


Pasticceria Papa serves up a range of excellent Italian food, all crafted with the kind of love and artistry you rarely find outside of Italy itself. However, we suggest you ignore that and go straight for the desserts. Life’s too short, after all. Find out more
» Best use of Nutella: Torta Di Ricotta Con Nutella: Ricotta Cheesecake with a runny Nutella centre.

“Amazing cake shop! Looks amazing & the quality of cakes is just beautiful, it is a bit of a trip for me to get too but it is very worth it! You can see that a lot of pride & care goes into this little business xo” – CathyBeauty

TrueLocal - Cremeria Deluca: Nutella Treats in Sydney

Cremeria DeLuca

Five Dock

Cremeria Deluca has been around since 1937, which makes it roughly two-thousand years old, by our count. That’s a lot of time to perfect your sumptuous Italian desserts, and you’d be well advised indeed to go give ’em a taste or two. Find out more
» Best use of Nutella: Brioche + Panna & Nutella + 2 scoops of Gelato

Best granita outside of Sicily. YUM – Anna Dolcezza

TrueLocal - Brewtown Newtown: Nutella Treats in Sydney

Well, well, if it isn’t everyone’s favourite café/micro roastery/brew bar/retail centre-type place! Brewtown Newtown will never let you down when it comes to variety, flavour and service, and there’s always something new to check out at this multifaceted Sydney favourite. Find out more
» Best use of Nutella: Nutella Cruffin (the beautiful love-child of a cronut and a muffin).

“The coffee here is fantastic. I’ve been three times now and there’s usually a line-up outside to get in, but people don’t stay too long so the tables turn quickly, meaning there isn’t a long wait. Plus you can look around upstairs in the store to kill some time.” – jaydeedw

TrueLocal - Four Frogs Creperie: Nutella Treats in Sydney

Four Frogs Creperie

This place is run by a bunch of French blokes who came to Australia and loved everything except the lack of good crêpes. Therefore, they decided to make their own! We like that idea. In fact, we were thinking of moving to France and bringing some vegemite on toast! Find out more
» Best use of Nutella: Nutella and strawberry crepe.

Not gonna lie, after having breakfast here nearly every available weekend, I thought I had tasted the best. Then this week, we came for an afternoon treat. This time I didn’t get a galette (savory), I decided to get a crepe (sweet). When it came out I was speechless and thankful I chose ‘double’ fresh strawberries piled on top of a soft and doughy crepe smothered in Nutella.. Heaven! – atan7

TrueLocal - Harajuku Gyoza: Nutella Treats in Sydney
Image credit: The Unlikely Foodie Brisbane

Harajuku Gyoza

Potts Point

Nutella can’t be stopped. It’s quietly been oozing its way around the globe for years, taking over people’s minds like that black goopy stuff from The X-Files and rendering them powerless to resist. It’s even found its way into Japanese cooking, as you’ll see when you check out Harajuku Gyoza. Find out more
» Best use of Nutella: Nutella and banana gyoza with ice cream.

“Great place had some dinner here with my friend. when you enter they all shout out in Japanese hello/welcome. Just like they do in Japan. The staff are really friendly and bubbly. Worth a look and will be coming back for more!!!” – SBC84

TrueLocal - Foodcraft Espresso & Bakery: Nutella Treats in Sydney

Foodcraft Espresso & Bakery


 Sporting the famous Tella Ball Milkshakes and infused by the enticingly vibrant flavours of the Mediterranean, Foodcraft is an artisan café that definitely sets out to impress. The desserts and milkshakes quite frankly astonishing, and we’re fairly certain that some kind of black magic must be involved in their preparation. Find out more
» Best use of Nutella: Tella Ball Milkshake. 

“Great new cafe in Erko. They have this Nutella and donut milkshake which I will be trying at some point this weekend I will report back!” –SBC84

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