Nutella Martinis Come to Ciao Bella

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Although it’s been going on for awhile now, it’s fair to say that the Nutella craze sweeping the nation is still going strong. What with Foodcraft Espresso opening up the Tella Ball Dessert Bar in Sydney’s Dulwich Hill and the upcoming Nutella-Palooza in Adelaide, it only seems fair that Brisbane’s Ciao Bella (from the Eat Street Markets) should join in on the fun. We spoke with Ciao Bella’s Owner Ibrahim Haddad to find out a little bit more!

Can you tell us a bit about Ciao Bella?

Ciao Bella started at Eat Street Markets two years ago. We are an Italian Trattoria where customers can enjoy dining in while watching the ESM buzz and live entertainment. 

They can also ‘take away’ their favourite Italian food! In addition, we have milkshakes, smoothies, fresh fruits crushers, coffees and of course extreme shakes! The idea is cooking to order for each customer. Whilst waiting for their meals, customers can enjoy looking at our 5 stars kitchen (rated by the Brisbane city council).

Ciao Bella's Mars Bar Smash
Ciao Bella’s Mars Bar Smash

Your extreme shakes sound pretty crazy! How did that come about?

 It was time to ‘shake things up’ and so the Extreme shakes started! As a consequence, we had to innovate the extreme shakes in a way that was unique and had a point of difference to other extreme shakes around town, as well as being exclusive to Eat Street Market.

The extreme shakes are totally made from Ciao Bella recipes topped and garnished by original and popular confectionery items. We tested, tried and tasted until perfection.

Where do you get your ideas from?

We try to travel when possible and hunt for street food markets or food trucks, also reading cooking magazine and web surfing. Moreover this feeds our knowledge and passion for the love of creating.

As a result of gathering of all this information, ideas are born and the trial and error process starts until we master the product and then place it in hands of our customers.

CIao Bella's Creamy Seafood Chowder
Ciao Bella’s Creamy Seafood Chowder

What’s your favourite item on the menu?

Ciao Bella’s menu is designed in a way to have options for everybody including gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and lactose intolerant.

I am in love with our famous wood fired calzone (folded pizza). They come with 10 different fillings, and they are fresh and baked to order in an authentic Napoli designed wood fired oven.

Also our popular seafood chowder. It’s creamy and rich served in bread cob loaf similar to the famous San Francisco kind.

Nutella Martini
Nutella Martini anyone?

Word on the street is that you’ve released a Nutella Martini. It sounds amazing! What kicked off the idea?

The idea of Nutella martini and Nutella cocktail started on my flight back from Rome, when I wanted to add an exclusive Eat Street Market product that would have a Nutella ingredient.

I thought of doing a Nutella extreme shake but this idea had been done by many local businesses. This where I started to think about a product, combining a drink presentation but, at the same time, a desert that has the indulgent taste of Nutella.

It seems like Nutella isn’t quite done with us yet (and we hope it never is)! Head to Ciao Bella at 221 MacArthur Avenue at the Eat Street Markets to indulge in this delicious dessert.

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