Nutella Wizardry in Melbourne

In celebration of everyone’s favourite enigmatic brown substance, we’ve put together our favourite Nutella hideouts in Melbourne.

TrueLocal - PidapipoGelateriaNutellaTreats: Nutella Treats in Melbourne

Real Italian gelato (crafted by a real Italian person using real Italian methods, no less) is always a good option for a flavoursomely fabulous time, and that’s just what you’ll find at the charming Pidapipó Gelateria. Add Nutella into the mix too, and, well… we think we need to sit down.
» Best use of Nutella: Nutella gelato. Find out more

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TrueLocal - Ladro Greville: Nutella Treats in Melbourne

Ladro Greville


Italy time again! Been fun, France, but we’ll see you around. Ladro Greville is one of those proper, wood fire pizza-type Italian bar/restaurant combos with 15 taps of beer. If that’s not enough (seriously?), they also recycle 100% of their waste and keep thousands of bees on the roof! Wait, what…?
» Best use of Nutella: Weekend “Breakfast Bombs” ? three plum-sized, sugar-rolled doughnuts, cut through the middle and spread with Nutella and a sprinkle of praline. Find out more

“Great food and great service! I enjoyed all the dishes we ordered.” – chopstick

TrueLocal - Polly Bar: Nutella Treats in Melbourne

Polly Bar


This place is, er… it’s quite something. It’s hard to really do it justice with our painfully primitive human language facilities, but we’ll give it a shot. Have you ever wanted to sip a cocktail inside a giant dollhouse from a sci-fi future in which the Edwardian era never ended? Well… Polly it is!
» Best use of Nutella: Nutella Cocktail – House-made, dark chocolate-infused vodka with Drambuie, tawny port, chestnut liqueur, milk, cream, a dash of coconut syrup and a spoonful of Nutella. Find out more

“Very impressed with this place! The decor was fabulous, with antique style chairs, tables and frames. A pleasant change to be able to sit and chat over a few drinks. Staff were very friendly; notably a little more mature and the attentiveness to tables also made our “stay” for the evening much more enjoyable!” – babibootz

TrueLocal - La Petite Crêperie: Nutella Treats in Melbourne

Oh, hi again, France! We’ve just returned from Polly Bar but what’ve you got for us now? La Petite Crêperie, eh? Traditional French crêpes and galettes? Nutritious and freshly made right then and there? Yes please. That’ll do nicely.
» Best use of Nutella: Nutella and banana crepe. Find out more

“When it is open, this shop with no address (except a website address) really means business. You can feel the warmth from the French music radiating its limited surrounding in a nice, subtle way, creating a totally different atmosphere you probably wont otherwise experience in Melbourne.” – Easternian

TrueLocal - Waffle On: Nutella Treats in Melbourne

Waffle On


From Taiwan to Italy, and now to France! We do like to get around, don’t we? Waffle On is a welcoming little street café that genuinely excels in waffles, sweet and savoury baguettes, and general friendly niceness.
» Best use of Nutella: Nutella waffle with ice cream. Find out more

“These guys are located in a very cool location. I have tried the waffles here a couple of times, almost always heading back home after a long day at work, as it is always good to indulge with something sweet in a cold day after having dealt with problems all day.” –Looknow

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