Outstanding Egg Breakfasts in Adelaide

Eggs have everything you need to get the ball rolling and seize the day!

TrueLocal - Froth and Fodder: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Adelaide

Froth and Fodder

Kurralta Park

We’re big fans of froth and fodder here at TrueLocal, so you can probably guess how delighted we were when we found out about this place. A rustic little hideaway with a great menu and famously fine coffee, you’ll feel right at home as you greedily jam eggs into your mouth.
Eggceptional egg dish: Slow Cooked Pork Belly with two free range fried eggs, house made chutney and hollandaise, crispy herbed potatoes and finally, topped with coriander and toast. Read more

Awesome vibe! Loved every bite of my mushroom sarnie – amazing flavour, fresh good quality bread. Coffee!!!! Ohhhhh coffee!!! Amazing!! Such a top barista you have, he made it smooth – not too hot and no burnt milk! In love with the coffee you serve. It was a cute cozy visit, with a full house. Busy, but we managed. Well done and keep up the great work. – TheMiddleIngredient

TrueLocal - Pickle in the Middle: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Adelaide

The phrase “all-day breakfast” is like music to our bellies. Or it would be, at least, if our bellies could hear anything. Tragically, the poor things will never know the bliss of music… What were we talking about, again? Ah, yes! The delectable all-day breakfasts of Pickle in the Middle. Go try ’em out!
Eggceptional egg dish: Eggs on toast. Poached KI free range eggs, organic ciabatta, pickled eggplant relish, and a host of optional extras. Read more

The staff were warm and welcoming, and the food was pretty delish!! Can’t be more in love with all the preserved pickles and jalapeños and other assorted goodies! Totally yum! – TheMiddleIngredient

TrueLocal - Bar 9: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Adelaide

Bar 9


Bar 9 is famous for dazzling its many customers with some of the city’s very best coffee (including espresso from a Rancilio Z9 lever piston machine – fancy!), but the food they whip up is nothing to scoff at either. And even if it was, you still shouldn’t do it. Scoffing is mean.
Eggceptional egg dish: House baked beans and chorizo, poached eggs, almonds and mustard seed oil on toast. Read more

The coffee is great and the food is always really delicious too! –lizzie8811

TrueLocal - Mister Sunshine's: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Adelaide

“Fresh wholesome food, ethical coffee and sweet treats in a happy space.” Mister Sunshine, you wonderful man, you! Breakfast, lunch and brunch are whipped up masterfully every day in this place, and it’s no surprise it’s a firm Thebarton favourite.
Eggceptional egg dish: Moroccan spiced chickpeas over blanched spinach on ciabatta with poached eggs or avocado for the vegans.Read more

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TrueLocal - The Pantry on Egmont: Eggcellent Breakfasts in Adelaide

If you’re looking for an egg breakfast, what better to start than Egmont, eh? The Pantry’s the kind of happy-go-lucky café that practically invites you in off the street with friendly chatter and enticing aromas. You better oblige too, or you might hurt its feelings…
Eggceptional egg dish: Poached eggs with baba ganoush, sauteed spinach & pinenut dukkah on sourdough. Read more

Amazing!! 10/10 the most beautiful little pantry style house… 70’s decor which suits this little pantry to a T!! Delicious food! Cooked to perfection!! Order up, try everything. Couldn’t recommend this place highly enough. Relatively quick service, if you are going with more than a few people you really need to book. – TheMiddleIngredient

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