Let Your K Flag Fly at Perth’s Greatest Karaoke Hotspots

When the urge to belt out a tune strikes, an outlet is required. Sure, the shower can work, but sometimes you need an audience beyond your rubber ducky. That’s when it’s time to hit the karaoke bars. Here’s our pick of the best of the bunch.


Ferrara Bar


Ferrara prides itself on being a little bit fancier than your average karaoke dive, and its elegant interior provides a very lush setting indeed for some melodious merriment. However, there aren’t any private rooms – just one big singing lounge – so it’s certainly not for the shy! Oh, and if you’re big into show tunes, be sure to drop by on Thursday nights for musical theatre karaoke and themed cocktails.

“I had a great night out as Ferrara with a group of freinds. the food and drink is great and the staff are very friendly, I can’t wait to go again…” – Rambo69


Crown Karaoke Restaurant


Slick, modern and impeccably cool, Crown is equal parts suave restaurant and carefree karaoke paradise. You can dine, drink and sing in the comfy confines of your own private room, equipped with a touchscreen system that gives you access to a huge list of songs in English, Thai, Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian. The food is awesome, and you simply have to try the honey king prawns.

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Dragon Palace


Much more than just a cool-sounding name, Dragon Palace is famed for its gourmet food, glamourous surrounds and exceptional service. The first floor has been converted into a true karaoke fan’s dream, with 28 private rooms of various sizes ready to accommodate any group of would-be pop stars. Songs are available numerous languages, so everyone should be happy!

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Subaru Karaoke


Perth seems to have no end of classy karaoke joints, and Subaru certainly doesn’t buck the trend. It offers gorgeous tapas-style food, 11 beautiful rooms and over 100,000 songs to belt out like there’s no tomorrow. The staff are really great as well, and go out of their way to ensure that you’ll want for nothing during your visit.

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My Place

My Place


Sitting pretty on Pier Street, My Place is one of Perth’s leading inner-city bar/restaurant combos. The impressive menu of contemporary Aussie fare is well worth exploring, and you should definitely swing by on Friday for karaoke night. Plus, you can get pints of Hahn Super Dry for $7, as well as a range of martinis (including the drink du jour, the espresso martini) for just ten bucks. Sounds pretty good to us!

“Had a really great lunch here, great food, good serving sizes and good prices.” – taniaet

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