Weird and Wonderful Foods in Perth

Image credit: el PUBLICO Facebook
Image credit: el PUBLICO Facebook

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Halloween that is! No matter whether you’re tricking and treating or simply looking for an excuse to #treatyoself we’ve got you covered. From decadent plates overflowing with food to sickly sweet desserts and creepy crawlies that will challenge your idea of snack food, this list contains our top 5 dishes to eat out in Perth this spooky season. Read on to pick your poison…

Hello Burger

Dianella’s own Novembar’s Café and Takeaway is home to some of Perth’s most over the top burger challenges.  Not for the faint of heart, their food challenges may seem like a heart attack waiting to happen to some, but for others, they’re merely a mountain ready to be conquered. If you’re game, order the Hello Burger.

Let’s just get right to it. The Hello Burger consists of 101 x 250g beef patties, 2 x 350g T-Bone steaks, 10 portions of lettuce, 10 portions of tomato, cooked onion, 100 portions of cheese, 100 portions of bacon plus another 100 portions of egg. It’s topped with both tomato ketchup and BBQ sauce (as if it wasn’t already crazy enough) in Novembar’s homemade MEGA-star bun.

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Korean Burritos

For an unexpected fusion that simply works, you may like to try out the Korean and Mexican combo that’s offered at Mix.

If you try just one dish make it a burrito filled with Bulgogi (meaning fire meat), kimchi rice, beans, lettuce with sour cream and salsa – yum! Not feeling a burrito? Choose from the Korean inspired range of tacos, quesadillas, rice bowls or salads to satisfy your hunger.

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Fried crickets

If you’re all about spooky foods for Halloween this dish from Perth’s el Publico may just be a winner. el Publico is a modern Mexican kitchen and bar serving up a solid mixture of Mex classics with a few interesting botanas or snacks like chicarron (crispy skin, typically pork crackling) and chapulines which in English translates to crickets! Yes, the creepy crawly insect kind. To make it a little more enticing, it’s seasoned with chile ancho. Order it on your next visit if you dare.

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Fried Ice Cream

In the spirit of Halloween and its reputation for being an excuse for lollies, chocolates and other candies, we’re taking a sweeter turn for the final two spots in our short guide to weird, wacky   and wonderful Perth foods.

Arirang Korean BBQ Restaurant & Cafe know how to get tummies rumbling and mouths salivating with their fried ice cream. This dessert completes your meal perfectly. It’s made up of creamy vanilla ice cream that is covered with a thin layer of sponge and rolled in coconut and to finish it’s deep fried, as all good cheat meals are.

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And for something completely different to finish, let us introduce you to the Muffle. The Muffle is the lovechild of a muffin and waffle, and they’re the signature item on the Muffle and Co menu.

Wondering how to best enjoy a muffle? That’s completely up to you. The most common muffle choice is to fill with ice cream and cover it with your toppings of choice, however if you’re vegan, gluten free or avoiding refined sugar you can also find something to suit. The team encourage all consumers of the magnificent muffle to build your own, you can even skip the ice cream and just include fruit instead or choose from one of their savoury options. The choice is yours.

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