Perth’s Best Noodle Bars

We can’t think of anything better than sitting down in front of a big steaming bowl of noodles, swimming in a delicious broth. That’s why, from Japanese ramen to Chinese Hokkien noodles, we’ve scoured Perth for the very best in fine noodlesmanship.  Let us know what you think!



Nao Japanese


Simple, home-cooked deliciousness is the way of life at Nao Japanese, where traditional methods, fresh ingredients and top craftsmanship combine to make some damn good ramen. If you’ve never tried Tsukemen before, it’s one of the specialities here. Unlike normal ramen, the noodles and soup are served separately, which means you can dip and combine at your leisure. It’s well worth a go!

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Image credit: Hometown Kitchen
Image credit: Hometown Kitchen

Hometown Kitchen


Hometown Kitchen has been one of Perth’s most popular Malaysian joints for many years now, and its strong flavours, varied menu and awesomely cheap prices ensure that won’t be changing anytime soon. From the chicken Kuey Teow to the satay lamb, there’s no shortage of stuff to savour, but we must remain focused on noodles! Try the curry seafood laksa is a lunch speciality of theirs (in fact, their famous for it) and it’s truly one of the most delicious laksas we’ve ever tried.

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Image  credit: Pho Huynh
Image credit: Pho Huynh

Pho Huynh


It’s time to take our taste buds on a tantalising trip to Vietnam, and there’s no better place to do that than good old Pho Huynh. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree once you sample the Pho Tai Sach! You may be initially put off by the words “raw beef” and “beef tripe” but trust us – this surprising and vibrant dish is a must-try for all lovers of quality noodle soup.

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A suave and sultry Japanese restaurant, Edosei is definitely the venue for those looking to indulge in the fine dining side of noodly goodness. It’s mood-lit and brimming with elegant style, and the service is absolutely impeccable. If you’re not sure where to start, we’d highly recommend the Kawara Soba Green Tea Buckwheat Noodles, with wagyu beef and shredded egg omelette. It’s a slightly more unusual version of your traditional soba noodles but also incredibly delicious.

“Edosei attracts actual Japanese diners, so it must be legit right? Service was delightful and very polite. Our meal was pretty swish, so the food would have cost roughly $45 each (not including drinks). Edosei is perfect for business meetings or impressing the in-laws with fine food and stellar staff.” – iMasticate

Hokkien Fried Noodles


Tak Chee House


It might be famous for its Hainanese chicken, but the strong noodle prowess of Tak Chee House should never be overlooked. This place excels in big, cheap Chinese comfort food, and the Hokkien fried noodle is a super-filling morsel guaranteed to leave you satisfied and thinking you’re sitting down in a hawker centre in Singapore. Your choices are seafood, veggie or a mix of both, so you should probably try all three at some point.

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