Perth’s Top Ten Christmas Hidden Gems


Kick back with a mince pie – we’ve got your Christmas rush sorted!


Games, Toys, Puzzles and More


Games WorldCannington

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Nothing says “Christmas time” like a drunken, irritable board games, and Games World has something to tickle everyone’s fancy. From numerous chess sets to Avengers Monopoly to Cards Against Humanity (not to mention a ton of toys, collectable cards, jigsaws, books and other goodies), you’re bound to find something everyone can bond over. For a while, at least. Read More »

‘These staff know their stuff and were terrific when I needed a game – they ordered it in.’ – west-girl

Quirky Gifts



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If you’re struggling for gift ideas, then a quick browse around Pigeonhole might just jog your brains a bit. Perhaps you know someone who’d appreciate a large, cactus-shaped neon light, for example? Maybe a giant inflatable toucan? How about a ukulele? You’ll find it all here, as well as a large range of quality jewellery, accessories, homeware and stationery. Read More »

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Luxe Perfume and Skincare



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Mariposa is a bright, elegantly presented feast of perfumes, skincare products, cosmetics, candles, and various other lovely things along those lines. With nothing but the finest brands in stock, you can rest assured that you’re always paying for genuine goodness, and whoever the lucky recipient is will be very, very happy indeed.  Read More »

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Vinyl Records


Replay RecordsKenwick

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Replay Records has been dutifully serving the area’s vinyl-loving music nuts since all the way back in 1989 (which means it’s as old as Bill & Ted). This place is a cluttered dream of wall-to-wall records, and it’s absolutely packed with strange and wonderful collectors’ items. You’re certain to find the perfect gift for even your most hipsterally inclined buddies at Replay Records, so check it out!  Read More »

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Cooking Classes


The Cooking ProfessorChurchlands

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Fed up of doing all the cooking every Christmas? Can’t decide what to get for a certain member of the family? Well, thanks to The Cooking Professor, you can kill both birds with one stone (and eat them afterwards)! These classes are far-ranging (Ancient Iranian, anyone? French bistro? Moroccan tajine? Dim Sum?) and loads of fun, and they range from beginners’ stuff to more complex culinary challenges.   Read More »

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Toys for Tots


Henry HiccupsLeederville

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Henry Hiccups isn’t your average toy shop. Its noble aim to rise above the endless cycle of trends and crazes to offer a more traditional, healthy and educational alternative. That means you certainly won’t find any Power Rangers or Street Sharks here (do kids still like Street Sharks…?), but you will find utterly beautiful, lovingly crafted toys that your child will truly cherish forever more. Yay!  Read More »

‘Amazing shop – great toys that are beautifully made. An excellent place to buy gifts and the staff are only too happy to provide helpful, informed advice for age appropriate toys.’ – Lsutton

Unusual Books


Crow BooksEast Victoria Park

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You know what’s cool? Crows. You know what else is cool? Books. That means when you multiply them together, you get cool squared, and Crow Books is most definitely cool squared. This place specialises in all sort of things, from mainstream favourites to fascinating rarities, and you can lose yourself for hours beneath the pleasantly chequered ceiling.  Read More »

‘Crow stocks a large range of cooking books and special interest books such as Gay & Lesbian Literature and Philosophy books. It stocks a good range of gift books, novels, quirky magnets, cards as well as Children’s books. Staff are happy for you to take your time and browse. Open late on a Friday and Saturday night, worth checking out.’ – Kikininja

Unique Homewares


Fly HomeSubiaco

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Flies may not be as cool as crows, but Fly Home certainly is. After all, where would Christmas be without a nice new infusion of stylish homeware, eh? From milk jugs to terrariums to lamps to paper candle bags, Fly Home is bristling with wonderful stuff sourced both locally and internationally. Also, if you’re having trouble choosing, you can even go for a gift voucher! Everyone likes gift vouchers! Read More »

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Day Spa


Cove SpaSouth Perth

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Oh hey, speakin’ of vouchers, do you perhaps know of anyone who might enjoy a good day out at one of WA’s leading spas? Christmas can be a nightmare to navigate after all, and a splash of pampering stress relief can do wonders for a person’s state of mind and general life expectancy. We’re betting a Cove Spa gift certificate or two could make you a very popular soul indeed!  Read More »

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Wine, Beer, Spirits


Grand Cru Wineshop & CellarMt Lawley

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Hehe, now we’re talking! 3500 wines, beers and spirits; each one a true paragon of its kind and guaranteed to make your festive season a whole lot more festive. Grand Cru has been in business since 1974, which makes it Western Australia’s oldest family-owned wine and spirit shop. The Salpietro family has always maintained its strong value-for-money ethic, and their legendary cellar is a real must-try.  Read More »

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Have you got any go-to Christmas stalwarts that didn’t make our list? Just drop ‘em a True Local review and we’ll see what we can do!

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