Perth’s Premier Schnitzel Stops

Schnitzel is one of Europe’s finest exports, second only to ABBA.

TrueLocal - Nicholson's Bar & Grill: The best schnitzel in Perth

Nicholson’s Bar & Grill is a shining example of a friendly, welcome all restaurant. Only a total joker would suggest otherwise, and we just have a few words of wisdom to impart. Come for the atmosphere; stay for the Chicken Parmigiana, slathered in real Italian tomato sauce.
Schnicest schnitty: Chicken Parmigiana, obviously. Are you even paying attention? Read more

Very delicious food, amazingly friendly staff, great value for money! –Unforgettable Celeb

TrueLocal - Odin Tavern: The best schnitzel in Perth

Odin Tavern


“Ooh baby do you know what that’s worth? Valhalla is a place on Earth.” Well, maybe not quite, but the food is probably of a similar sumptuous quality. Odin Tavern is a huge, bustling metropolis of beer, wine, spirits and glorious, glorious grub, all served up by some of the friendliest Vikings in town.
Schnicest schnitty: Chicken. It’s a giant slab of crumbly, herb-infused delectability. Read more

The staff at the Odin are so warm and friendly. Shelley was serving our section and was bright, bubbly and made our visit very enjoyable. The bar staff were fast and attentive. There are so many pubs in Perth, to receive such great service is something that makes a place like the Odin stand out amongst the rest. – Meli_B

TrueLocal - Mount Henry Tavern: The best schnitzel in Perth

Comfort and cosiness reign unchallenged at Mouth Henry Tavern, crushing all who oppose them ‘neath their soft, velvety slippers of doom. This place is so relaxed it’s almost suspicious, but you’ll be too mellowed out to care. You’ll perk right up once you catch a scent from the kitchen, however!
Schnicest schnitty: Sheesh, what is it about Perth and Chicken Parmigiana? It’s all so incredible! Read more

A great place to catch up with friends at lunch for a meal or a casual drink in the beer garden. There are loads of menu choices to choose from that cater for everyone’s tastes including my Vegetarian friends. Very popular with families for their Sunday Roast. Very casual and relaxed for a lazy Sunday afternoon in the beer garden. Well patronised by locals in the area. – Kikininja

TrueLocal - Como Hotel: The best schnitzel in Perth

Como Hotel


The Como Hotel in Como is nicely laid-out, shiny-stylish type of place where there’s always something going on: live bands and DJs, quizzes, sports, private functions, etc. What we’re interested in, however, is the Chicken Parmigiana, which rivals that of Nicholson’s itself.
Schnicest schnitty: Chicken Parmigiana, again! Leg ham, napolitana sauce, mozzarella… Mmm! Read more

We had an excellent meal it is a nice place for a good pub lunch and to meet with friends. Thank you. – MadgeyM

TrueLocal - Sail & Anchor: The best schnitzel in Perth

Sail & Anchor


The Sail & Anchor has so much beer. Just… just so much! 40 cold taps, three hand pumps and four bars’ worth, to be precise. If they spring a leak, they might, quite literally, sail away on the resulting tsunami of liquid amber. So, make sure to try the schnitzel while you still can!
Schnicest schnitty: BIG PUB PARMY. Hell yes. Plus, it’s only $15 on Mondays! Read more

For somewhere that could be potentially quite crowded this pub is relaxed, especially on a Sunday afternoon. They serve food all day so even at 3pm you can have a steak and chips! The staff are helpful, just be prepared to wait a bit for your drinks if you are seated upstairs as that is where they make a large amount of cocktails. Definitely recommended above any other bar in Fremantle CBD. –Prancer

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