Pho-nomenal Vietnamese in Melbourne

Haven’t discovered the wizardry of Vietnamese cuisine yet? Luckily for you, Melbourne’s options are as plentiful as they are delectable!

TrueLocal - Uncle: Vietnamese in Melbourne


St Kilda

Just like your really cool uncle (you know, the one with the ponytail who bought you a knife for your eleventh birthday), Uncle puts the trendiness back into Vietnamese food. Vibrant, colourful and decked out to impress, this place is guaranteed to impress anyone you’re taking out for dinner. Read more

This is a funky spot to enjoy a Vietnamese meal and a drink and you can top it all off with the delicious coffee which I think I am becoming addicted to (I know purists will faint!) The food is good value, the service is prompt and friendly and portions are a reasonable size. Lots of interesting edible garnishes like beetroot crisps adorn dishes (which I also love) – starwoman8

TrueLocal - Paperboy Kitchen: Vietnamese in Melbourne

Paperboy Kitchen


This is focussed, uncomplicated Vietnamese-inspired deliciousness served up to perfection, whether you’re eating in or taking away. Fast, fresh and entirely wholesome, Paperboy Kitchen is a great option for anyone looking for sublime lunchtime sustenance around Little Lonsdale Street. No discount for actual paperboys, we’re sad to report, but please do give it a try! Read more

The staff were pretty cool, and the noodles that I had were nice they even had take-away chopsticks, as well as a forks for those of us that can’t use them. However, the thing that really stood out were all of the plastic dinosaurs. My tip would be to avoid this place at lunchtime because you will not be getting a seat, however I would highly recommend checking this place out, if only for the plastic dinosaurs (I wonder how many of them go missing?). – David Sarkies

TrueLocal - Pho Chu Le: Vietnamese in Melbourne

Pho Chu Le


This place does Vietnamese and Chinese! What new-fangled madness is this? The delicious kind, that’s what. Just think of it! All your scrumptious favourites from two rich culinary cultures, made fresh before you in one convenient spot. Truly miraculous! Read more

Seriously good Pho. Super clean open till late 7 days. The boss works on the floor taking orders and over seeing everything. Sometimes they refuse EFTPOS but mostly ok .The menu is great, the food fresh and clean. Lots of regulars – which is always a good sign. Just go. – i am a shopper

TrueLocal - Ba'get: Vietnamese in Melbourne



While its name might sound a bit like a novelty Klingon wearing a beret, Ba’get is actually a restaurant specialising in the ingenious fusion of two countries’ renowned food exports. That’s French baguettes, pâtés and charcuterie meats infused with a Vietnamese twist, creating something truly unique and exploding with flavour.Read more

Opted for the classic pork roll mixed with all the Vietnamese herbs, onions. Could not possibly go wrong with this, the bread was fresh, the pork was just perfect and all the mayonnaise and pate as the base spread was just divine! $6.50 – which is quite a reasonable price for the city, as other places could offer a bread roll up to $10. –looknow

TrueLocal - Pho Hung Vuong Saigon Restaurant: Vietnamese in Melbourne

Of all the pho joints in Footscray, this tends to be people’s favourite. No big, mystical reason or anything, they simply make the best pho. And rice paper rolls. And spring rolls. And rice dishes. And noodle soup… Oh, and drinks! Don’t forget the drinks! Have you ever had a custard apple smoothie? Yummo! Read more

Hung Vuong is definitely my regular, tried and trusted for pho in Footscray. The food is consistently excellent and the service is very fast paced. I like the extremely simple menu where you order the pho and size including the cuts of meet that you desire. I normally get sliced beef with brisket. The avocado smoothies are delicious and so are the ice coffees. Really hits the spot. – svchu1

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