Get Sexy in the City With Adelaide’s 5 Hottest Pies

Ever wondered what kind of pie Samantha would be if she were in pastry form? Or what type of pie Carrie most closely resembles? Of course you have. Who hasn’t? So we scoured Adelaide to find which pie best represents our favourite Sex and the City characters.

Carrie – Pumpkin, Pea and Sweet Chilli Risotto Pie


Let Them Eat


It’s not your traditional pie, but just like Carrie, the pumpkin, pea and sweet chilli risotto pie at Let Them Eat isn’t afraid to put itself out there and take chances. Sometimes this pie isn’t quite sure what it wants to be exactly, but it knows it doesn’t want the usual life that society expects of a pie. This pie takes different flavours and textures and blends them in a unique and stylish way that makes itself noticed.

“This little stall is tucked away near the fish and poultry area of the central markets, but is easy to find and has good access. its always been busy when i’ve gone, but i guess thats because the food is sooooo tasty. packed full of punch, which what i want when purchasing a pastry!” – TheMiddleIngredient

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Charlotte – Sweet Corn, Celery and Marjoram Pie


Windy Point Restaurant


With a gorgeous outlook from the picturesque scenery at Windy Point Restaurant comes a sophisticated high-end pie. The sweet corn, celery and marjoram pie with a Barossa shortcrust pastry, spinach puree, béarnaise, and tomato relish creates an elegant flavour combination with a hint of something deeper and more exciting just beneath the surface. But for now, just gaze at the beautiful scenery and be charmed to be in the company of such a refined pie.

“Reliably special. It’s a lovely location and men for special occasions and the setting with magnificent views over Adelaide make it a must to take out-of-state visitors. For nights when the budget doesn’t count.” – di-zee

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Miranda – Apple Pie Gelato




Beneath the cold exterior of the apple pie gelato at Gelatissimo, lies the heart of a sweet and nurturing Miranda. Her sharp, sometimes savage wit may give you brain freeze, but just give it time, and you’ll find the comforting and loyal apple pie. Not entirely traditional, but willing to dance with the idea from time to time, once the initial cold shock of the ice cream wears off, this apple pie gelato becomes an addiction you just can’t shake.

“After travelling through Italy, searching for the kind of gelati that makes you weak at the knees, I came home to Adelaide and found that I needn’t have travelled so far. Gelatissimo is absolutely the best gelati I’ve ever had. Full stop.” – Jacqui08

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Samantha – Lunchtime Pie

Image credit: Perrymans Bakery

Perryman’s Bakery

North Adelaide

When you need a quick hit of hot, no-strings-attached beef in the middle of your day but don’t want the commitment of a full-sized pie, a mouthful of the delicious Lunchtime pie at Perryman’s Bakery is just what you need. It’s a pie that gets the job done, even if you do sometimes need a couple goes to feel completely satiated.

“Surely Perrymans make the best little pies in the world. They are an Adelaide legend, and rightly so. When we travel interstate we have to take Perrymans pies, frozen for our friends. Try their little gingerbread men too, yummy!”- CalB

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Harry Goldenblatt – Beef Brisket, Pancetta and Coopers Dark Ale Pie Floater


Kings Head


It’s sloppy, it’s unrefined; in fact, overall, it’s a bit of a mess. This is not the attractive pie you thought you’d end up with. However, the beef brisket, pancetta and Coopers dark ale pie floater is a classic for a reason. When you need a pie, this solid, dependable pie floater will always be there for you in your time of need to give you comfort, to bring you out of your shell a bit, to show you that it’s the filling on the inside that matters and the way it makes you feel safe, warm, and comfortable.

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