Get Steamy With Brisbane’s Sassiest Pies in the City

It doesn’t matter which Sex and the City character you most closely identify with; what matters most is which pie you most closely identify with. This is the true measure of your being. To help, we’ve found five pies around Brisbane that represent the characters of Sex and the City best, so you won’t need to wonder any longer.

Carrie – Fancy Pants Goat Pie

Image credit: Mick from The Goat Pie Guy

Goat Pie Guy


Unusual and unique, intriguing and curious, the Fancy Pants Goat Pie at the Goat Pie Guy seems like an eclectic combination of ingredients, but everything comes together perfectly. This pie is all about new experiences, from the smoky bacon and slow cooked goat meat in a brew of Mountain Goat Fancy Pants amber ale down to the unusual fillings of sage, malted chilli sauce, and candied orange rind. Wow.

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Miranda – Chunky Beef and Kidney Pie


Muzza’s Gourmet Pies


It takes a refined palette to fully understand the complexities of the chunky beef and kidney pie at Muzza’s, but those who do are better for the experience. Like Miranda, a beef and kidney pie isn’t one to shy away from its bold and distinct flavours, and it isn’t afraid to be proud of who it is, no matter what others may think.

“Best Pies in Brisbane… All steak pies are real tender chunky steak and my favorite is the Thai chicken, but they are all good only complaint is their are too many flavours too choose from. Thanks Muzza” – Oscar99

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Charlotte – Sweet Potato Pie


Bourbon Street

South Brisbane

Almost as blue-blooded as pumpkin pie, the sweet potato pie at Bourbon Street is fairly conservative, traditional and wholesome. It’s a dessert pie, and very sweet, but it’s not nearly as rich as it’d like to be. However, we can safely say that it’s the type of pie you bring home for Thanksgiving to impress the family (and they’ll love it).

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Mr Big – Peanut Butter and Choc Fudge Pie

Image credit: Chester Street

Chester Street


You crave this pie and you can’t help yourself but fall in love with it, even when you try really hard not to. You know the rich chocolate pastry, choc fudge filling and peanut butter crumble isn’t good for you and that one day it will probably ruin you, but that doesn’t stop you from going back again and again. The pie has you hooked, for better or for worse.

“Sweet treats, delicious breads, incredible milkshakes. The cakes are both expensive and so incredibly large I would definitely recommend sharing – but some of the flavours are so creative it makes it all worth it. Even if you do have to struggle throughout all by yourself.” – PeeCeeLark

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New York – New York Cheesecake Tartlet


The Pie Guru


Resilient and dense yet constantly whispering smooth and dreamy promises of greatness in your ear, New York City, arguably the fifth friend of the group, is always delicious, decadent, polarising and bad for you. The New York cheesecake tartlet at The Pie Guru represents a small part of the wider picture, but gives you a window into what the city is like and the dark secrets and surprises it may hold.

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