Unleash Your Inner Samantha With Melbourne’s Sexiest Pies in the City

Whether you’re a Charlotte or a Samantha, the burning question really is, what pie are you? Find out which of Melbourne’s great pies most resemble the cast of Sex and the City in our top five list.

Samantha – Beef Burgundy Pie


The Richmond Pie Shop


When you crave a quick hot beef injection, there’s nothing quite like the rich flavour of the beef burgundy pie at The Richmond Pie Shop. It’s direct, knows how to please you, a little messy, and even better, there’s a bigger version of the pie that you can take home with you.

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Charlotte – Canadian Maple Pie


Rolf’s Pies

Box Hill South

This is a pie that wins awards, and is recognised as being a winner. Upon first glance, it’s a rich and traditional mince steak pie, but once you get to know it a little better, you find the hidden, deeper complexities of the maple syrup marinade, the caramelised onions, and fresh basil that aren’t immediately obvious. This is a pie that aims to please and it succeeds on all counts.

“I try to visit Rolf’s Pies every week to ten days, so I can re-stock our freezer and, of course, buy my lunch as I’m travelling through Box Hill. Rolf’s range of pies is wide enough to cater for virtually all tastes and desires. The prices are very competitive, considering the excellent quality. In addition, the quiches, slices and cakes, as well as the very friendly staff make this our one and only source of pies, quiches and slices.” – Pam and Rudi

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Miranda – Lamb and Dried Apricot Pie


Babka Bakery Cafe


Not everyone is going to appreciate the lamb and dried apricot pie the way it should be, but that’s ok. The pie is bold and doesn’t hold back from its unique flavour combinations. The sometimes-overpowering flavours of lamb are softened around the edges with the unique pairing with the dried apricot, and although it doesn’t seem like they’d go well together, they actually unite perfectly to make something extraordinary.

“This tiny little bakery looks unassuming on the outside but when entering – the place is packed to the brim filled with lots of families and customers devouring their cakes and bread. We had the tarte tatin and it was absolutely devine. The apple was soft and slow cooked covered in a smooth rich caramel coating that would make you wanna cry. I highly recommend a visit.” – sweetandyummie

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Carrie – Caramel Apple Pie Jarcake


Sweet by Nature

Heidelberg West

Presented in an innovative and stylish untraditional manner, the caramel apple pie jar cake is made like no other apple pie you’ve known. At its core, it’s an apple pie, and it wants the things most apple pies should want. But it’s layered in a way that shows it isn’t completely defined by traditional concepts of an apple pie; it’s more than just the sum of its parts.

“These guys do the best. cakes. ever. Seriously don’t go anywhere else when I have a birthday or a dinner. The rocky road fudge, Caramel macadamia cheesecakes and the lemon meringue OMG!! All their stuff actually tastes like it was made from scratch. They’ve got a cafe attached to it too and this place is my go to breakfast spot before work, I always get the smashed avo on toast with poached eggs YUM! So fresh and delish. The staff are always so cheerful and happy and the music is great. Love love love.” – Vanessa03

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Steve Brady – Pizza Pie


Tony’s Pies


Despite their differences in income, Miranda and Steve share a deeper connection. Early in their relationship, Miranda lets Steve buy her dinner at places she knows he can afford, including the best pizza joint in New York. The pizza pie at Tony’s Pies in Essendon is lo-fi and sure; it’s more than just a little unrefined, it has heart, and it’s a comforting unpretentious pie you can snuggle on the couch and watch TV with.

“Definitely one of the best pie places in the area. Freshly baked daily with the finest ingredients. Their apple pies are my favourite. It tastes the best when they are fresh out of the oven – hot and crunchy.” – imperial1

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