Perth’s 5 Sexiest Pies in the City

Do you like your pies spicy and hot, traditional with a secret, tart and acidic with softened edges, boozy, or with a side of heartbreak? We’ve worked long and hard to find the best pies around Perth that perfectly match your favourite Sex and the City characters.

Carrie – Warm Apple Pie Cocktail

Image credit: The Stable Bar
Image credit: The Stable Bar

The Stables Bar


Why eat pie when you could drink it? The blissfully alcoholic warm apple pie cocktail at The Stables Bar is all the best parts of apple pie but with spiced rum, so it’s an absolute winner. Whether waiting for Mr Right or Mr Right Now, the fruity, sweet, fun and stylish cocktail is utterly delicious and everything you want an apple pie to be.

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Miranda – Lime Tart with Ice Cream and Passionfruit




Like Miranda’s acidic wit and occasional bitter outlook, she sometimes needs the help of a few friends (like ice cream and passionfruit) to balance her out and sweeten out the rougher edges. As a dessert at a Thai restaurant, the lime tart feels a little out of place, it sees things a bit differently than the other items on the menu. But the lime tart is just itself, and by doing so, it fits in perfectly.

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Samantha – Chilli Beef Pie


Pinjarra Bakery and Patisserie


The hot and spicy chilli beef pie at Pinjarra Bakery and Patisserie is a sexy blend of prime Harvey ground beef with onions, seasoned gravy and a dash of chilli. It may be too hot and too forward for some people’s tastes, but that doesn’t mean it’s about to back down or change its ways. It’s a proud pie, content with its sensual hot and spicy notes and meaty goodness. A rumble with this bad boy is going to make it one to remember.

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Charlotte – Pumpkin Pie with Bacon Bark



East Perth

Healthy and thoughtfully crafted dishes are the highlight at Pete Evans’ restaurant Heirloom, and much like Charlotte, the pumpkin pie with bacon bark is sophisticated and well-constructed. The pumpkin pie is traditionally American, yet has a surprising twist of bacon bark that you never saw coming. It embodies conservative American values, and yet on the right occasions, it isn’t afraid to share its rawer, rougher edges that surprise everyone.

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Mr Big – Pumpkin Pie Gelato

Image credit:
Image credit:

Gusto Gelato


Oh this one is smooth alright… that more-ish creamy custard gelato that makes you feel like all your Christmases have come at once. You’ll try other pies and other gelati (some of which are even be better for you) but that creamy custard gelato smashed with spiced pumpkin and brown sugar is always calling your name and thoughts of it will always be at the back of your mind.

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