Channel Your Inner Carrie with Sydney’s Sexiest Pies

Sex and the City and pies have finally come together like Carrie and Big. Check out our list of pies from around Sydney’s best bakeries and patisseries that best match the characters from our favourite and most sassy TV series.

Carrie – Chicken, Sweet Potato, Pea & Lime Pickle Pie

Image credit: Bourke Street Bakery
Image credit: Bourke Street Bakery

Bourke Street Bakery

Surry Hills

As eclectic as Carrie’s fashion sense, Bourke Street Bakery’s chicken, sweet corn, pea and lime pickle pie has a bit of everything. Sometimes you’re not sure what you want. Do you want sweet and kind but a little homely, or do you want a lively pick-me-up that makes you feel alive but is fraught with drama? It’s so hard to pick when the options are so tempting, however, unlike this delicious pie, Carrie can sadly choose just one.

“This bakery is one of Sydney’s best! With the best pies and sausage rolls, they literally have me drooling. There’s also no way you could resist their sweet treats either – the ginger creme brûlée tart is definitely my favourite!” – kningja

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Samantha – Little Grace Cocktail

Image credit: Since I Left You
Image credit: Since I Left You

Since I Left You


The Little Grace cocktail – a Zubrowka vodka spiced apple pie sour – is a cosmopolitan little cocktail that likes being noticed. It’s a little sour, a little sweet, boozy but sophisticated. It likes to party and be the centre of attention, and it knows just when and how to deploy its knock-out punch. This little cocktail will give you all the love you need, but just for tonight.

“Nice little bar next to Nandos on Kent street. It’s basically a bar in a alley. Great atmosphere for relaxed drinks with mates and work colleagues. The cocktails are great! The guacamole is tasty with the Chips!” – shootez

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Miranda – Cherry Pie Gelato

Image credit: Gelato Messina
Image credit: Gelato Messina

Gelato Messina


The cold exterior of this cherry pie gelato only masks a sweet and loyal old friend. In some respects, it’s a little bit traditional (or at least, not afraid to consider some traditional cherry pie ideas) while at the same time, taking those traditional, conservative values of pies and gelato and smashing them. Somehow, by combining these two forces, Gelato Messina creates a nicely rounded, well-considered yet confident treat.

“Love the fresh, creamy tasty and well priced gelato here. Always a line, but its worth the wait, which isn’t that bad despite how long the line is. Staff are friendly and efficient, even when under the pump! I could come here for breakfast, lunch and dinner – rain, hail or shine! They make the best ice cream by far!” – kk1977

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Charlotte – Chocolate Tart 

Syd_La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie
Image credit: La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie

La Renaissance Cafe Patisserie

The Rocks

Rich and a little decadent, this flashy over-achiever of a tart is delightfully sophisticated with fancy Valrhona chocolate ganache, peanuts and caramel. This tart isn’t interested in a quick fling like other pastries might be; this is the tart to fall in love with. It’s a hopeless romantic, it inspires love, and demands your attention and time to not only marvel at its beauty, but also to treat it with the loving respect it deserves.

“First place that comes in mind when I want desserts or some macaroons when at work. Their Opera Cake is amazing as are the macaroons. It’s my go to place when buying something small as a surprise treat for my husband.” – Bare Essentials

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Mr Big – MaXXI Steak, Bacon and Cheese


Pie Face

Potts Point

It’s big, hot, meaty, and oozing with creamy cheese sauce, and once it’s done with you, there’s a part of you that knows you’ll be paying for it later. But nothing compares to it, no matter how hard you might try to find a substitute, you just can’t help yourself but to go back for more, it’s just that good. And did we mention it’s big?

“It’s quick, easy, yummy, low cost and well always open, this gourmet pie, sausage roll and pastry shop is great. And the service is very friendly….” – Nicole’s

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