Piping Hot Coffee in Melbourne

Einstein got it right with E=MC²… Energy = Milk x Coffee²

TrueLocal - Seven Seeds Specialty Coffee: Coffee in Melbourne

A true masterpiece of the coffee arts, Seven Seeds is an all-in-one shop, café and micro-roaster striving to cement Melbourne’s place on the coffee map. Impeccable ethics and some epic food certainly help. Read more

What a treat it was! The interior of the restaurant (formerly a warehouse) was awesome, and the array of coffee-loving patrons busily engrossed in conversations with their friends (and/or busy working in front of their laptops) gave the impression of patrons serious about their coffee and food. The latter were definitely proven with my salad and coffee being ‘the tops’. – Ophelia

TrueLocal - Brother Baba Budan: Coffee in Melbourne

Brother Baba Budan


This little rustic paradise of quality coffee craftsmanship will ensure that even the most irritating of java snobs are forced to shut up and sip. With a selection of tasty food on offer and the chance to buy your favourite coffee beans to take home, Brother Baba Budan is all right in our books. Read more

Melbourne people are snobs when it comes to coffee as we are spoilt for choice. A fabulous place to grab a coffee to takeaway or if you get a seat to enjoy the coffee and the scenery. It’s a young, hip place full of interesting decor and interesting patrons. The coffee will not disappoint! – starwoman8

TrueLocal - Cup of Truth: Coffee in Melbourne

Cup of Truth


Cup of Truth? Sounds like the forum page for a group of Ricky Martin-listening X-Files fans. Anyway, Cup of Truth is awesome. It’s a cool-as-you-like underground coffee shop with a fiercely loyal following, which you’re bound to become a part of the second you wander in. Read more

Superb coffees situated inside entrance/exit to city railway station. Owner was super friendly even in busy times. – jarrahblue

TrueLocal - The League of Honest Coffee: Coffee in Melbourne

Honesty can take you a long way, but seriously good coffee can take you much further. Fortunately, The League of Honest Coffee has both flowing in spades. A genuinely friendly café, you’ll feel so welcome here that you’ll probably suspect some kind of scam. However, there’s nothing amiss afoot. The staff really are simply that nice! Read more

This pokey place is regarded as a coffee Mecca for coffee connoisseurs. They serve a variety of single origin coffees and are experts in the field of brewing and knowledge of the beans. They sell a delicious selection of desserts and sweet treats and also do yummy and simple yoghurt and myself breakfasts. I really enjoyed the Oreo cheesecake. – svchu1

TrueLocal - Axil Coffee Roasters: Coffee in Melbourne

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more! Axil Coffee Roasters is staffed by a team of globetrotting adventurers who, well, trot the globe in search of the finest coffee blends and recipes, bringing them back to dazzle Melbourne’s caffeine-connoisseurs in new and exciting ways. Sip till the last gasp! Read more

On the whole, I liked it here. There’s lots to choose from and I often catch myself wondering for about 10 minutes what to order and still not coming up with anything. The food looks great and is even more delicious. There’s also lots of coffee drinks to choose from for all of us caffeine maniacs. – Jack Wicks

TrueLocal - Touchwood: Coffee in Melbourne



Say! Do you like breakfast? Excellent. How about lunch? Good! And coffee? Well, obviously. Otherwise you’ve picked a weird article to read. If you do, indeed, like all of the above, then Richmond’s own Touchwood is your kind of place. It does them all, and it does them all darn well. Even when you don’t know what you’ve ordered, it’s good (see below)! Read more

Busy but spacious cafe on Bridge Road with some exciting menu options for both breakfast and lunch – it was hard to make a final decision! I had fresh & poached seasonal fruit with vanilla yoghurt and muesli for breakfast. It looked and tasted delicious with lovely fresh grapes, strawberries, blueberries, passionfruit and poached nectarines (or was it peach?). – natkat

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