Adelaide’s Perfect Pizzas

It’s pizza time once again (as well it should be), but where to go? We’ve taken the liberty of singling out the very best pizza places that Adelaide has to offer. You’re quite welcome!

TrueLocal - Goodlife Organic Pizza: Pizza in Adelaide

As Goodlife Organic Pizza itself puts it, “If you have good food, good wine and good friends, you’re in for a good life”. Truer words were never spoken, and with fresh, organic ingredients, a great drink selection and a welcoming atmosphere, that’s exactly what Goodlife Organic Pizza offers. Find out more

Fabulous food with fresh, local ingredients. A family favourite for all special occasions. A great place to take interstate and overseas visitors to experience the best local produce SA has to offer. – shelbord

TrueLocal - Pizza Star: Pizza in Adelaide

If thin and crispy with generous toppings is your thing, Pizza Star in Surrey Downs is the perfect spot for getting your pizza fix. With plenty of dine-in and takeaway pizza and general Italian options on the menu, you’re sure to find something you like. Find out more

Great pizzas; love this place. Consistently great food. Nice thin base with generous toppings. Nothing thick and stodgy here! – LillyRose

TrueLocal - Leo's Pizza Bar & Restaurant: Pizza in Adelaide

Leo’s Pizza Bar & Restaurant is one of those charming, family-owned establishments that really gives Adelaide its character. Going on thirty five years now of serving up pure pizza bliss, Leo’s is the kind of place you turn to when you just really, really want to gorge on a spectacular mass of saucy, cheese-dripping heaven. Find out more

Found Leo’s on this site. Lucky I searched. This place is the real deal. I only like authentic style pizza and am very picky. You would be hard pressed to find better. – BrendanK

TrueLocal - Amalfi Pizzeria Ristorante: Pizza in Adelaide

The first twenty years was just the beginning for this stylish, authentically Italian restaurant, and we sense they’re only going to continue wowing our taste buds from here on out. The delicious pizzas have to be tasted to be believed, so take a seat in their cosy dining area and enjoy! Find out more

They have a lot more than just pizza! Wonderful traditional Italian pizza restaurant with charming decor and great service. – starwoman8

TrueLocal - Pappy's Pizza Bar: Pizza in Adelaide

Pappy’s Pizza Bar might seem like just a humble little store, and may not be the flashiest or most extravagant set-up in Adelaide, but for the love of all things cheesy, they make beautiful pizzas! For a simple, straightforward slice of takeaway excellence, it really doesn’t get much better than this. Find out more

Best pizzas and the staff there are awesome – I live in Parafield Gardens and always get my pizzas from here. – Julz Sheen

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