Perth’s Pizza Perfection

Oh, hey! It’s pizza o’clock! Wondering where to indulge your craving? We’ve narrowed it down to these four bastions of the Perth pizza scene. Enjoy!

TrueLocal - Hero?s Pizza: Pizza in Perth

Free slushies and games while you wait! It’s probably not the only reason that Hero’s Healthy Pizza has taken out Foxtel’s I Love Food awards more than once, having been a Perth institution for 11 years, but it’s pretty cool. Hero’s is known for sourcing local meat and keeping baddies like sugar and salt to a minimum, and generally saving the public from second-rate pizza. Read more

Fresh and Tasty. Have tried several pizza toppings and all of them are great!. – Kikininja

TrueLocal - Kwinana Pizza Parlour: Pizza in Perth

Kwinana Pizza Parlour

Kwinana Town Centre

If you’re after an unforgettable night of pure pizza bliss in the Kwinana area, the choice is pretty much already made. The Kwinana Pizza Parlour offers irresistible pizza of all bases, sizes and toppings seven nights a week, whether you want to eat in at their tasteful restaurant or grab some takeaway for a comfy night in. Read more

I love this place! Great pizzas and the owner really does give that old-fashioned service! – RubyRubixcube

TrueLocal - Ballajura Pizza: Pizza in Perth

Ballajura Pizza


Meanwhile, in Ballajura! Fresh, piping hot pizza is being crafted even now to suit your every whim! These guys put customisation above all, tailor-baking the perfect pizza for every hungry soul that wanders in. Whatever you fancy, the pizza chefs at Ballajura Pizza can make it happen. Read more

Wow, what a fantastic pizza… made to perfection. I literally couldn’t fault it. And the staff were more than happy to customise my pizza. –Michael F0

TrueLocal - Angie's Pizza Bar: Pizza in Perth

Angie’s Pizza Bar has been bestowing mouth-watering pizzas upon the residents of Perth since all the way back in 1976, and all it’s done since then is get better and better. For a glorious takeaway treat of original creations and impeccable pizza craftsmanship, Angie’s was, is and always will be the way to go in Wembley. Read more

Great price. The pizzas are hot when you pick them up, not warm like the other places. They’re still being made like they were when I was a kid Keep up the good work, Angie’s. – ace1911

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