5 Awesome Ways to Spend a Rainy Day in Melbourne

When greyness falls and raindrops hammer the glass, it’s always tempting to waste away the day with the latest Game of Thrones episode and a bottle of wine. As tempting as that sounds (seriously, who’s going to die next?) we’ve got a few alternatives that we definitely spark your fancy.

Art Museum

Image credit: Gallery of Victoria
Image credit: Gallery of Victoria

NGV International Museum


As far away from the standard, stuffy old art gallery image as it’s possible to get, the National Gallery of Victoria is a vibrant hub of fun and interactivity. The two-building complex is brimming with unique exhibitions, tons of activities (very kid friendly) and over 70,000 pieces of art spanning thousands of years. Heck, it’s one of the few art museums we’d go to even it wasn’t raining!

“If you get a chance, do drop in, especially with the kids. This isn’t the old sterile line-ups and quiet lines of old people wandering through a gallery but has interactive exhibits and an entire area dedicated to kids learning more about the art through photo booths, computers and videos and tactile displays. This National Gallery is great value!” – Amanda Cassar

Chocolate and Pastries

Image credit: Chokolait Emporium
Image credit: Chokolait Emporium

Chokolait Emporium


Chocolate is a fine solution to any problem, but a day-ruining downpour is no ordinary problem. We’ll need some proper Belgian couverture stuff to get us through this one, which means Chokolait Emporium is our next stop! Handcrafted, artisan excellence is the norm at this warm, cosy chocolate shop/cafe, and you seriously need to try the caramelised banana cake. It’s a sexy, sexy cake full of deliciousness and joy.

“A perfect spot to buy a box of beautifully-presented Belgian chocolates to give as a gift. The packaging is fantastic and the chocolates will not disappoint. They’re not cheap but they’re worth it! You can try before you buy in the Hub cafe.” – starwoman8

Comedy Show

Image credit: The Comics Lounge
Image credit: The Comics Lounge

The Comics Lounge

North Melbourne

A refreshingly down-to-earth joint, The Comics Lounge is as classic a comedy club as you’ll ever find. It’s nothing flashy or over the top; just tables, a stocked bar and a curtained stage, and it simply never fails to deliver. A mix of beloved regulars, national icons and up-and-coming stars keeps the line-up fresh, and we guarantee that the drab weather will soon be nothing but a distant memory.

“I attended The Comics Lounge with family and had a blast. The comedians were all hilarious and the MC was just as funny as the comedians. The drinks weren’t overly pricey and you did have the option of purchasing a meal also which was brought directly to your table. Parking is a little hard to find but it is well worth it. I would recommend this to anyone.” – Cacklebery

Aerial Yoga


Vibes Fitness


Vibes Fitness is bricky, timbery and delightfully snug, and a far cry from the beige, sterile nightmare that constitutes your average gym. The aerial yoga classes are fantastic, described as “a cross between yoga, pilates, suspension training, calisthenics and gymnastics”, and they’re suitable for anyone who fancies a go. The instructors are lovely, and they’ll make sure you feel right at home. We can’t think of a better pick-me-up for the rainy day blues!

“Margie has worked with me to reclaim my life. It’s been over a year of Personal Training (one on one and in groups) and now an unexpected brave launch into aerial yoga, and my body has transformed from the inside out. I haven’t met another personal trainer who works so beautifully with an integrated mind, body, spirit approach. I’m so grateful.” – Chelle Trebilcock


Image credit: The Feast of Merit

Feast of Merit


Inspired by the communal banquets of the Indian Naga people, Feast of Merit works closely with YGAP to bring you one hell of a restaurant. Striking murals adorn the outside, a bright and spacious interior waits within, and the menu is stuffed with Middle Eastern goodness. Oh, and 100% of the proceeds go to charity. Delicious food, feeling charitable and getting out of the rain? Sounds like a winner to us!

“Fantastic food, great service, cosy atmosphere and all at a reasonable price. This restaurant is great for both dates and group dinners. The menu is comprised of a variety of share plates, the lamb is to die for and there is a selection of delicious craft beers on offer. Highly recommend!” – asparr

 We hope this lot alleviates your drizzly blues a bit. Remember, you can always review your favourites on True Local!

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