Real Aussie Pies in Sydney

Oh Sydney, you are the apple of my pie!

TrueLocal - Black Star Pastry: Pies in Sydney

Despite its wonderfully 70s sci-fi name, Black Star is a perfectly modern kind of bakery, serving up a vibrant array of state-of-the-art-cakes, pastries, pies, and much, much more. You’ll find everything you need to fill yourself up in style and you might even spot a celebrity or two!
Pie to try: Lamb Shank And Red Wine. It’s like a drunken sheep giving your taste buds a big, fluffy hug. Read more

Why have I waited so long to visit? So delicious – we tried three pastries and each was incredible. Great coffee, too! – scallywaggle

TrueLocal - Bourke Street Bakery: Pies in Sydney

Bourke Street Bakery

Surry Hills

The brainchild of two young chefs with big dreams, Bourke Street Bakery has evolved into one of the top places to grab a slice of pastry-coated goodness in Surry Hills. Every single item on the delectable menu is freshly handmade and designed to please, so head down and tuck in.
Pie to try: Beef, Beer And Bacon With Cheesy Mash. Every component is more perfect than the last. Read more

I had a bit of pie once – I quickly ate a bit when my husband went back in to get some bread for later, the pie was delicious too, and judging by my husband’s reluctance to let me try some, I’m pretty sure he loved it too. – atan7

TrueLocal - The Upper Crust: Pies in Sydney

The Upper Crust


Pies, pies and more pies! That’s what you’ll find at Upper Crust, and every single one is just magnificent. There’s a range of pies to suit absolutely anyone, with sweet, savoury, basic, fancy and every other pie in the rainbow.
Pie to try: Avocado and Brie. Who’d of thought something so green and cheesy could this delicious? Read more

With such an innovative menu of flavours, my favourite is still the satay chicken. The pastry is always fresh and it is great knowing you are buying from a bakery that cooks on the premise and not part of a big chain. – mins

TrueLocal - Harry's Cafe De Wheels: Pies in Sydney

Harry’s Cafe De Wheels


You can always trust Harry (or his successors, at least, bless his soul) to deliver the goods in Woolloomooloo, and there are plenty of reasons why this place has become a veritable legend amongst the people of Sydney. The pies are one of the main ones, of course. The lovely, lovely pies.
Pie to try: Seafood. They’ve pretty much just wrapped an aquarium in pastry. It’s glorious. Read more

Harry’s is a bit of a Sydney icon. What with that mushy green pea topping and extra lot of potato spread on top, it’s really a pie lover’s paradise. – January Girl

TrueLocal - La Banette: Pies in Sydney

La Banette

Avalon Beach

A beautiful, authentic French-style patisserie, La Banette is Avalon Beach’s go-to spot for a touch of continental elegance. Expect sleek décor, splendid service and slow-cooked perfection, as well as the beginning of a severe addiction that will see you return time and time again.
Pie to try: Beef Burgundy. Experience a taste of France in every bite.
Read more

Soooo yummy. Anything you buy will be made well! Gorgeous little shop. Not cheap but delicious. – bowerb

TrueLocal - Lorraine's Patisserie: Pies in Sydney

Well, look at that! Another authentic French patisserie! This one’s headed up by Lorraine Godsmark, a decorated chef with an eye for the delicious and a desire to serve up the very best tarts, cakes, pastries, slices and, of course, pies.
Pie to try: Meat! We’ll let bradlyloco down there tell you why. Just go easy on the sauce, eh? Read more

Wow. I might just have had the best meat pie ever here. Yep, I think it was. Light, flaky pastry with big meat chunks that melt in your mouth. I was a fool and added sauce – old habit – and totally not needed. –bradlyloco

TrueLocal - St Honoré Sourdough Bakery: Pies in Sydney

Award-winning and worth every shiny trophy, St Honoré Sourdough Bakery is a simply glorious place to forget your woes amidst an avalanche of fresh, fantastic treats. From gourmet loaves to scintillating sit-down meals, this is the apex of North Sydney baking.
Pie to try: Lamb Provençale. Tender lamb, eggplant, tomato and chilli. In a pie! Oh baby, life doesn’t get much better than this.
Read more

This place does the best sourdough in town. It’s slightly more expensive but very much worth it. They also do rich savoury pies (go early in the workday to avoid them selling out) and delectable single server mini cakes (the chocolate expresso and chocolate mousse cake is particularly noteworthy).- lochlet

TrueLocal - Infinity Sourdough Bakery: Pies in Sydney

Infinity Sourdough Bakery, eh? That’s certainly a hefty mouthful. Which, as it happens, is exactly what you’ll get when you step inside. Whether it’s sweet or savoury cravings driving you onwards, you’re guaranteed to be deliciously satisfied at this homely spot.
Pie to try: Chicken And Mushroom. The flavour packs such a punch that you’ll be begging for more! Read more

By far one of the best bakeries in the east – beanboy

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