Bright Ideas For Bathroom Makeovers

If you’re splashing the cash on a brand-new bathroom, you’ll want to make sure your money is being well invested. Focus on creating an impressive space you’ll love being in for years to come, and don’t be afraid to indulge a little. Not sure where to start? Here are some top ideas.


Embrace luxury

They’re called bathroom breaks for a reason, and no other room offers such a private setting for tranquil reflection. Your bathroom is an escape from everyday life, so make it worthy of being so. Install a big, statement bathtub as the focal point of the room, or consider a marble sink or a fancy, multiheaded shower. Splurge on something you love – but remember that correct installation is key. It’s no good having the rain shower of your dreams if it falls out of the wall after the first use. Get a plumber around to make sure everything goes in the way it should.



Mix and match tiles

Extravagant tiling can get very expensive, but not if you’re smart about it. You can still devise a striking effect using mostly standard white tiles, as long as you accent them with something more exotic. A few carefully placed coloured glass or mosaic tiles can contribute greatly to the overall aesthetic, and they won’t cost you a fortune either. Have a look at different tiles and decide which ones you think will work best together, and get creative in laying them out.  For example, if you have a recessed nook in the shower for your shampoos and soaps, using different tiles in this space can create a great effect.

bathroom_2Update the lighting

Lighting makes a massive impact in any room, and bathrooms are certainly no exception. From dimmer lights to minimalist bulbs to mirror-mounted glow bars, your choices are plentiful indeed. Lighting options that also feature heat lamps are always popular in bathrooms, for when you have to get up and shower on those frosty winter mornings. Just remember that you’ll need to plan carefully for any lighting alterations, as they’ll most likely require a fair bit of electrical work. Call in an electrician to help ensure it’s done right.



Bring in some plant life

Going back to our earlier point about creating a tranquil retreat, nothing calms the senses quite like a fine display of healthy plants. They’ll help keep the air fresh and fragrant, and you can really get inventive when it comes to setting them up. Whether its ivy draped across the window (great for preventing mould, by the way) or a woven vase of aloe vera in the corner, natural greenery will truly enhance any bathroom space. Just remember to go for plants that don’t need a lot of sunlight, and who don’t mind a bit of moisture in the air.


Think about how you’ll use the space

We’ve focused heavily on the visuals so far, but let’s not neglect the practical side of things. You’ve only got so much space in your bathroom, so you have to make sure you use it wisely. For example, your shower needs somewhere to store soap and shampoo within easy reach. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small alcove carved into the tiles or a tray fitted to the shower itself, but it does need to be there.

You also need to think about storage, so leave room for cabinets, shelves, towel racks, compartments under the sink, and so on. We recommend going into your current bathroom and thinking about all the ways you use it (and any new ways you’d like to use it). For example, do you put on makeup in there – and if so, do you have enough space for your cosmetics? Is the toilet roll holder currently in an accessible location, or is it hard to reach? Is your towel rack big enough for the whole family, or should you install a larger one? Then incorporate these elements into your renovation design.


Plan the right height for your sink

Oh hey, speaking of sinks! With all the other stuff that a bathroom reno entails, you might not have devoted much thought to the small issue of sink height. We can’t blame you, honestly, but you should give it a bit of consideration before you proceed any further. If you live in an older house, the sink is probably quite low. Use your makeover as a chance to bring it up to a more manageable height.

A final word from our expert:

When bathroom renovations are long overdue, it’s important not to let the initial repair costs get you down. As Phillip Edwards from Done and Dusted put it:

“Often the biggest impact is just in the fix. $500 – $1000 spent in the bathroom to repair broken tiles, re-grout new tapwear and generally touch things up has a huge psychological impact for the client.”

As long as you save up and budget appropriately, you shouldn’t have any trouble creating the bathroom of your dreams once the necessary groundwork has been laid.

So, that’s the bathroom sorted. Now for the rest of the house! We’ve plenty more advice on achieving your dream home, so take a look at our blog for further inspiration.

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