Life Hacks: Organise Your Home with These Five Easy Fixes

If becoming more organised at home was one of your New Year’s goals, then we’ll have you straightened up in no time! There are countless benefits to becoming a more organised person, as you’re probably well aware. Yes, we know it’s tough, so that’s why we’ve prepared a few small ideas you can implement around the house in no time.

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Fit out your entryway

It might seem trivial, but sorting out the entryway to your home can make a huge difference to your ‘tidiness game’ and give guests a great first impression. Do people (yourself included) just dump their coats anywhere when they come in? Stick some hooks on the wall. Do they toss their boots aside with reckless abandon? Provide a shoe rack. Are you perpetually late for things because you can’t find your keys? Add a keyboard next to the front door, or even just a little bowl on a table or chair in the landing. Creating the ideal entryway for your home (and your housemates) will be an instant life improvement!

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Install tension rods and utility hooks

Tension rods have tons of clever household applications. For instance, if your plates are stacked precariously on top of one another, you’re probably tired of risking a ceramic-shattering catastrophe every time you eat. The solution? Place rods in your shelves to help you stack them vertically instead. Try putting up a rod in the cupboard under the sink to hang your cleaning items on, and use hooks to safely store items that usually just perch on the floor. A place for everything and everything in its place – it’s just that easy.

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Shelving, shelving, shelving

Chances are that, as it stands, you simply don’t have enough shelves in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room.  Shelves are great for making room out of nothing, not to mention they offer amazing improvements to the organisation and general tidiness of your home.  With their limitless styling options they can be fitted for any particular need and they always end up looking pretty fantastic too.  On top of this you can put them anywhere there’s space to take advantage of; whether it be on the wall, over and under windows, at the base of your bed, under a window seat – you name it, it probably can be created.

Just remember: before you start filling up your shiny new shelving, have a proper sort through all the stuff you’re thinking of putting on it. That way you can store similar items together (for example, all your stationery in one place, all your fancy dinnerware in another) and you’ll always know where to find something you’re looking for.

If DIY shelving isn’t your thing, just call in a handyman like Bondi’s Shane’s Handyman Services, and he’ll have them up in no time.


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Invest in a filing cabinet

The world hasn’t gone completely digital just yet. From birth certificates to bank statements to passports to drivers’ licenses (not to mention bills, tax returns, rent agreements, work contracts, university diplomas, friendly reminders from the student loan company…), we’re all swamped with important documents that we need to store and have easy access to at short notice. Shoving them all in the bottom of a drawer may solve the ‘storing’ part, but it doesn’t quite cut the mustard when it comes to ‘easy access’.

A well-organised filing cabinet will make your life immeasurably less stressful and no longer comes at the cost of having an unsightly metal-grey-thing in the corner of your work space.  Having your filing cabinets built into your office desk drawers, under a coffee table or window seat, means you can keep the mess hidden, organised and have your home looking great too!

Make sure to label each file so you know what’s in it, and the next time you need to dig out a document, all you have to do is flick through until you find the right one.

Need help installing your filing cabinets into your drawers?



Install pegboards in the garage for your tools

To finish up, let’s take things outside. Well, as far as the garage, anyway. If your tools have formed themselves into an impenetrable mass of sharp blades and assorted handles over the years, you could probably do with a better way to store them. Once again, we’d like to draw your attention to the virtues of wall-mounted hanging implements. A few pegboards will make your tools super easy to find, and you could even try outlining them in paint once they’re all hung up. This tells you exactly where everything is supposed to go, and looks pretty damn snazzy to boot. A good handyman like Parramatta’s Blitz Handyman can help you install the pegboards, and can even give you advice on what tools your collection is missing!


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