We Predict the Five Hottest Reno Trends of 2017 – A Chat with Dee and Darren Jolly


You know what they say – new year, new you. But why stop with the same old resolutions to get healthy, start a new course or learn a new hobby? Completely revamp your life with a new living space! There’s no better time to get stuck into some home improvements – but you want to make sure your renos are on trend, not outdated. We had a chat with Dee and Darren Jolly from The Bock to discover the top emerging trends of 2017.

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Warm, earthy tones

This year, expect to see lots of earthy, natural elements around in the reno game; think reclaimed wood for cabinets, exposed brick walls and bamboo light fixtures. This homely look and feel is set to extend right throughout the home – even the flooring.

 “When it comes to tiles, subway tiles will finally be out and cool colours like white and grey will be taken over by terracotta and earthy tones.” – Darren and Dee

When it comes to complementing your new space with matching décor, consider oversized cushions in taupe or forest green, decorative branches in large cane or wicker vases, and chairs with mixed leather and wood textures. Antiques shops are the perfect spot to pick up a unique treasure, or if you’ve got a specific idea in mind but you’re not sure where to look, have a chat to an interior designer.

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Reading nooks and small hideaways

Remember reading? Apparently it’s back in fashion. In a world of constant technological bombardment, a new trend is emerging for little alcoves and corners in the home, where you can retreat from the relentless electronic humming and message alert tones that pervade modern life. Whether you’re carving out a corner of the bedroom or converting your shed into a secluded little paradise, just remember – relaxing is key, so soft, neutral tones are the way to go.

There will be “less open spaces, reverting back to more separate living spaces. More defining rooms”. – Darren and Dee

When it comes to designing your own, think about what your perfect little spot would entail – perhaps a divinely comfy velvet armchair, a soft angora throw rug, and an upcycled bookcase stacked with your favourite books. It’s all about creating a space that’s just for you, so paint a picture in your head and then have a browse through your local markets to see what fits the bill when decorating your new hideaway.


Rich colours

Although earthiness is trending in a big way for 2017, that doesn’t necessarily equal 50 shades of brown. In fact, it’s all about finding colours that might be found somewhere in nature – be it the rich red of a mahogany tree, the lush green of a new sapling or even the piercing yellow of a sunflower. The icy, Scandinavian look is on the way out, so whip out the sample book and start experimenting with the vibrant and the striking.

If you’re wondering how to tie all these colours together in your home without overwhelming, focus on one predominant colour for your walls (remembering that lights colours make a room appear larger) and mix and match other colours for your fixtures, curtains, cushions, and rugs. Consult a colour wheel to see what colours will work well together.

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Luxe laundry rooms

While they’re often dismissed as pure utility space and neglected in terms of aesthetics, big things are in store for laundry rooms this year. They’re set to blossom into engaging, genuinely attractive areas that are enjoyable to occupy, and the smaller size makes them far cheaper to renovate than kitchens and bathrooms. Laundry might be dull, but the room you do it in doesn’t have to be too. After all, you probably spend a fair amount of time in there, so why not turn it into a space that makes you feel good?

If you’re a bit pressed for space, consider installing a wall-mounted ironing board and stacked laundry shelving – specialist laundry renovators like the pros over at Divine Bathroom Kitchen Laundry should be able to build you a custom unit to perfectly fit your space. Also remember that you need good ventilation if you’re using a dryer, so make sure it’s installed near a window.


Natural materials

“After many years of blonde woods getting all the attention, dark wood tones will take over.” – Darren and Dea

Achieve the natural look with jarrah and blackwood floorboards to add a touch of sophistication and drama to your home. More generally, we’re definitely seeing a move towards natural, soothing elements like cork (used as feature walls), woven baskets, the aforementioned terracotta, as well as an increase in the amount of greenery making its way into the home. Ferns, bromeliads and even indoor ivy are a great way to bring the tranquillity of the forest into your home. Darker browns and greens are the way forward regarding furniture, and think nature-inspired asymmetrical ceramics when it comes to art and décor.

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