Summer Outdoor Setting Design Ideas


Summer has arrived in Australia and what better way to enjoy the longer days and warm, sunny weather than in the comfort of your own backyard. Whether you have a blank space that’s crying out for furniture or an existing outdoor setting that’s in need of an update, True Local have gathered the following ideas from our finest in house home decoration and design minds to help you enjoy those relaxing summer days in stylish comfort. Read away for some practical tips you can implement today and some grander designs you can turn into reality with some expert help!

Idea 1: Wicker is the Word

The outdoor material trend of 2017, opting for wicker furniture will give you plenty of flexibility in how you arrange your outdoor setting. With wicker being a light weight material, it’s easy to move around so you can customise it to suit any space. It’s also weather-resistant in a way that metal pieces are not, giving it a longer life span ideal for the poolside or other areas exposed to moisture. Not to mention wicker also looks stylish, with its natural appearance adding an earthy feel to your outdoor living areas that can act as a counterbalance to sharper metal edges. Visiting an outdoor furniture retailer is your best bet to find a piece perfect for your humble abode.

Idea 2: Laze Around on a Luxurious Daybed

Few things are more luxurious than having a day (or afternoon) all to yourself and a plush daybed (also known as couches or sofas) where you can unwind and bask in the glorious summer sunshine. When looking for your own daybed, be sure to take measurements so you know you can properly stretch out your legs and also opt for weather-proof (I.e. water proof) material for added durability. Colour is another important consideration, with brighter tones more suitable for busy social spaces, cooler tones for a more laid back vibe and neutral tones (I.e. whites and creams) the all-purpose dynamos of the interior design world that work well in most settings.

Idea 3: Encourage Conversation with Large Round Tables

One of the highlights of summer without a doubt are those boisterous conversations, shared laughter and delicious meals with close family and friends under the sun. What better way to encourage those moments than with a large round table that can seat everyone, without anyone being at the pointy ‘end’, making for a very democratic feeling amongst all present. Given the imposing nature of tables in general, selecting the right design to form the centerpiece of your outdoor living area is key. Don’t forget the umbrella either for those with extra sensitive skin!

Idea 4: Stay Cool with a Classic Swimming Pool

A perennial favourite that never goes out of style, a swimming pool is one of the best investments you can make for summer fun year after year (as long as you actually make use of it). Obviously you’ll need a big enough outdoor living space to make it work in the first place, not to mention you’ll also need to hire the services of a professional swimming pool installer or builder. Once your pool is up and running, you’ll also need to keep in mind ongoing maintenance costs to keep it in tip top condition throughout the year, including the colder months when it’s not in use.

Idea 5: Retreat to a Tropical Paradise

Last but not least, if you have the space and money to spare, there’s nothing better than filling your outdoor living area with a few carefully selected plants to create your very own tropical paradise. Obviously climate is an important consideration too, although just about every location in Australia (except Tasmania and ACT) can support tropical plants year-round such as palm trees, bird of paradise, cannas and bamboo trees. Whilst giving your green thumbs a workout can be a lot of fun, we do recommend hiring the services of a professional landscape gardener who’ll be able to turn your dreams of a tropical backyard idyll into a fantastic reality!

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