How to Give Your Home a Spring/Summer Makeover


Spring and summer are well and truly in the air, and so are the glorious colour palettes that come with the warmer seasons. For home decorators and reno enthusiasts, that can only mean one thing: it’s time to shake things up a little bit.

Whether you’re as seasoned renovator or just an avid fan of The Block, anyone can take inspiration from this season’s hottest colours and breathe new life into their home. All you need is a handy guide, a lick of paint, and you’re ready to go. Too easy!

We’ve rounded up some of the prettiest spring and summer colour trends that’ll bring your home alive for the warmer months of the year.

Pretty in pastel

You might’ve thought you outgrew the pastel pinks and baby blues around the age of three, but they’re back now in a big way.

Whether you’re thinking of painting your living room a pale mint green, or perhaps your bedroom in a sandy pink hue, this colour is a winner to give a subtle, modern look to any room in the house. It’ll make a bigger statement the more surface area you paint, so if you’re hesitant about making big changes, just try a feature wall first.

50 shades of blue

Blues don’t just come in pastels, in fact there’s an immeasurable number of blue shades and certainly one to suit every taste. Think a bold, robin egg blue to freshen up your front door, or painting your kitchen cabinets a soothing coastal hue to mirror the summer sky and create the feeling of a larger space. It’s a striking colour that will make people sit up and pay attention.

Complement your colours

Ever wanted to add complimentary accents into your house but have no idea how to do it? According to colour specialists, Pantone, the 2018 spring and summer season is all about playfulness. They firmly believe that when adding colour to your home, you don’t have to be boring to be sophisticated, and urge decorators to get creative.

Paint your built-in shelves in a deep emerald green and the rest of the wall a pastel lemon, or complement a vibrant yellow feature wall with little hints of the hue elsewhere, like your appliances, couch cushions or shower curtains. It’s all about expressing your creativity through larger than life colours, so pick a spot and get painting!

Be bold

American paint company, Benjamin Moore, released a stunning red shade for 2018, and it’s all about making a bold statement. Called Caliente, it’s slightly deeper than blood red, and looks wonderful as a feature wall with white trim, windows and doors.

“Caliente is the signature colour of a modern architectural masterpiece; the eye can’t help but follow its bold strokes. Harness the vitality,” the Benjamin Moore colour team urged.

Use travel as inspiration

Do you reminisce on the summer you spent in California, lazing about the beaches, or perhaps the time you explored the stunning villages of Mexico? Maybe the vineyards of France are calling your name via every second social media post? Transform that into your ultimate summer paint palette.

Travel is one of the world’s biggest inspirations, so there’s no reason this shouldn’t translate onto your living room wall, your doorframes, or your whole house! If you’re after a beachy, California vibe, try lemon and blue pastels paired with bright, white accents. New York might prompt you to give your home a grey-charcoal industrial edge. Or if you’re craving something more rustic, a terracotta colour is very on-trend this season.


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