5 of Our Favourite Rum Bars in Hobart

A scrumptious rum cocktail is the perfect accompaniment to any night out, but it can be hard to know what bars serve the best ones. That’s why we’re proud to present this list of the best spots on Hobart to get a delicious rum cocktail!

Image credit: Frank
Image credit: Frank



The best way to start off a night is always with a pina colada! What’s more, you can find a damn good one down at Frank. This lively South American eatery is a highly popular foodie destination, boasting delectable fare and beautiful waterfront views, and its pina colada mixes three-year-old Havana Añejo rum, coconut cream and fresh pineapple juice to create the perfect drinking sensation.

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Image credit: South Seas Cocktail Lounge

South Seas Cocktail Lounge

Battery Point

Time for some tastefully refined tiki goodness! South Seas Cocktails Lounge is like a cute little tropical outpost in the middle of Battery Point, mixing retro Americana with exotic masks, bamboo fittings and enough rum to sink a pirate fleet. Speaking of rum, you’ll definitely want to try the Port ‘o’ Hobart cocktail, mixed with Tasmanian port, demerara sugar, syrup and chocolate bitters.

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Image credit: Quartermasters Arms
Image credit: Quartermasters Arms

Quartermasters Arms


Friendly faces, cosy décor and a roaring fire are just some of the lovely things that await you at the Quartermasters Arms. This comfy, eminently welcoming bar was simply made for winter relaxation, offering craft beers, local wines and proper Aussie grub. Most importantly of all, they do a seriously good Dark ‘n’ Stormy! It’s the best of its kind we’ve had in Hobart, and we thoroughly recommend it.

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Amor Bar

North Hobart

Amor bar is so cool it has glowing cubes for tables! This award-winning venue is a triumph of the opulent and the baroque, with chandeliers, luxurious sofas and eye-catching paintings scattered enriching the dark, reddish interior. Our rum cocktail of choice in this fine establishment is the Heated Apple Rose – it’s a beautiful combination of white rum, apple juice, rose syrup and fresh chilli.

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Image credit: Pearl and Co
Image credit: Pearl and Co

Pearl & Co


Come with us to Victoria Dock, where the ever-swanky Pearl & Co waits patiently to dazzle your taste buds and fill your eyes with sweeping maritime vistas. This glittering haven of contemporary style serves up one of the yummiest daiquiris in town, crafted with a classic mix of top-shelf rum, fresh lime and sugar. It might just be the perfectly naughty addition to a weekend lunch…

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