5 Rum Bars in Perth We’re Loving Right Now

Warm, sweet and eternally drinkable, rum is the perfect brew to lift the soul in these dark winter months. But where can you find this delicious nectar of the gods? We’ve put together a list of our five favourite rum bars in Perth.

Image credit: Hula Bula Bar
Image credit: Hula Bula Bar

Hula Bula Bar

East Perth

Inspired by the tiki craze of the mid-20th century, Hula Bula Bar is a glorious explosion of tribal masks, tropical plants, tiger skin patterns and intricate totems. Skulls and trinkets line the shelves, dreamy island vistas adorn the walls – it feels like you’re already on a pirate ship! Any proper pirate needs rum of course, so go for a Rumble Bee, made from spiced rum, honey and fresh lime.

“One of my favourite bars in Perth! Amazing drinks list, great tunes and unique decor.” – Anomalie Clothing

Image credit: Angels Cut
Image credit: Angel’s Cut by Trustee

Angel’s Cut by the Trustee


Angel’s Cut is a super-cool boutique rum bar with over a hundred different bottles of the good stuff in stock. You can see them all lined up behind the bar, underlit to perfection and guarded by the triumphant angel descending from above. The highly focussed and impeccably mixed cocktail list is well worth a peek, with the tangy, ginger-tinged Dark N Stormy drawing particular praise.

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Image credit: Mechanics Institute

Mechanics Institute


Darkly dressed and elegantly simple, Mechanics Institute is most definitely the thinking fellow’s drinking establishment. The beers are crafty, the burgers hearty and the spirits worthy of any top shelf, and the whole place feels like a secluded little secret that you’re lucky to know about. For all you rum lovers out there, we recommend ordering the Jungle Bird cocktail with Goslings, lime, pineapple and Campari. You’ll be very glad you did!

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Image credit: Lot Twenty
Image credit: Lot Twenty

Lot Twenty


A suave mix of styles and seating areas combine to bring us Lot Twenty, a good-natured bar with a great crowd and a taste for fine dining. It’s obviously got an excellent hiring policy too, because every single staff member knows their drinks inside out, and seems genuinely happy to be there and to see you. Grab a peachy, ice-cold Cuban Rum Swizzle, and settle in for an awesome evening.

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Image credit: Bar Lafayette
Image credit: Bar Lafayette

Bar Lafayette


If there’s one thing Bar Lafayette knows, it’s cocktails. Stroll in, settle into a cosy velvet armchair, and treat yourself to a deliciously sophisticated Watermelon Millionaire. It’s made of Havana 3 Años rum, Grenadine Artisanale du Marquis, and various other things that only the rich and famous know about…

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