Schnitzel Heaven in Adelaide

Let’s stop mucking about and get down to the schnitty gritty, shall we?

TrueLocal - Earl of Leicester Hotel: The best schnitzel in Adelaide

This multifaceted, heritage-listed hotel is a bona fide staple of Adelaide dining, and it’s widely believed that literally nobody has ever had a bad time here. The schnitzel menu, in particular, is highly regarded by flattened meat fans everywhere, and for darn good reason.
Schnicest schnitty: Large Wagyu Beef Bulls Bollocks. With a name like that, it’s just gotta be done. Read more

One of my favourite pubs. Home of the best schnitzel menu in Australia. Big beer selection. Good atmosphere. Staff are on the ball. Order a large “Bulls Bollocks” and pick a beer off the menu that you haven’t seen before. – ToughButFair

TrueLocal - Coopers Alehouse at The Earl: The best schnitzel in Adelaide

Coopers Alehouse has been keeping Adelaide flowing with fantabulous food and drink since the 1800s, which is like a million years ago or something. Old-timey charm with great service and a charming team of dedicated deliciologists will ensure a schnitzel experience for the ages.
Schnicest schnitty: 600g Chicken Surf. An enormous hunk of creamy, garlicky, prawny goodness. Read more

Just love the Earl. Always have a brilliant experience at this place. Its in a great location and always has a fantastic atmosphere, really welcoming staff and the food is simply second to none at great value. The menu really is superb; I don’t know where to start! The wood fired oven pizzas amazing. The schnitzels and parmis are absolutely HUGE and the best in Adelaide without doubt. – GF7

TrueLocal - Somerset Hotel: The best schnitzel in Adelaide

Somerset Hotel

Para Hills

“Functions, Gaming Room, Sports Bar, Outdoor Beer Garden, Bottle Shop, TAB, Keno and Dining in a relaxed environment.” Do you like any or all of those things? Good! Then you’ll probably like Somerset Hotel, where the scent of sizzling schnitzel makes the senses soar.
Schnicest schnitty: Beef with Dianne Sauce. What greats things did Dianne do to get a sauce named after her? Read more

Favourite place to eat beautiful meals especially chicken schnitzel with grilled cheese or mushroom gravy. A beer garden open and fresh with comfortable relaxing lounges and big screen TV’s for all different events. The garden leads through to a dance floor and bar that closes off from smokers in garden or opens up for huge entertaining enjoyment – justy6

TrueLocal - Benjamin on Franklin Hotel: The best schnitzel in Adelaide

A slick, elegant blend of fascinating old trinkets and contemporary décor, the Benjamin on Franklin Hotel will make you feel like a high-flying bigshot as you shovel great slabs of breadcrumb-fried meat into your gaping maw. And isn’t that what we all want out of life?
Schnicest schnitty: 300g MSA Beef with Creamy Brandy Peppercorn Gravy. Lots going on there! Read more

Wow! Some of the most consistent food and menu I have tried in this state. The presentation is awesome. Great beer garden, beer and wine list. Cocktails are yummy too! – mowhere

TrueLocal - Edinburgh Hotel & Cellars: The best schnitzel in Adelaide

What a garden! What a wine cellar! What a pavilion! What a… Victorian Room? Well, sure! In any case, there are plenty of swanky spots to enjoy your tender, flavoursome schnitzel here at the Edinburgh Hotel, where everything is just really, really nice.
Schnicest schnitty: Mexican 300g Porterhouse. Spice up your life.Read more

Schnitzel was amazing. Had the doz oysters, taste was great but found a few bits on shell throughout most of them, don’t think they were shucked correctly. Atmosphere on Tuesday night was amazing for a pub. Would definitely go back, even give the oysters another crack – Sam Scanlon

TrueLocal - The Lion Hotel: The best schnitzel in Adelaide

The Lion Hotel

North Adelaide

Truly fine dining is the name of the game here at The Lion Hotel (so you better behave yourself). This venerable old brewery has evolved into one of the top pub-restaurant bonanzas the city has to offer, and the schnitzel will teach your taste buds what it is to be a god.
Schnicest schnitty: Schnicest schnitty: Parmigiana Chicken. Can’t beat the classics Read more

We had dinner in the restaurant and had a great night. All the tables were booked but the staff were on top of everything and our orders were taken promptly. We were also looked after all the way through the meal. Probably the best service I’ve received in a long time. The food was all delicious and great value for money. – Kelly T

TrueLocal - German Arms Hotel: The best schnitzel in Adelaide

Where better to find truly authentic schnitzel than a traditional German establishment stewing in 170 years of rich, delectable history? There really isn’t much we can say about the German Arms that hasn’t been said already, so get moving!
Schnicest schnitty: Uber Schnitzel. Guten appetit, Freunde!
Read more

You want to fill your bellies with good food in the hills – come here! OMG! My family and I all needed to shovelled out of our chairs and rolled to the cars! Good food it was! – xbabydollx

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