Sensational Christmas lights in Perth

You there! Come see these streets shine bright like a diamond!

Harrisdale Drive, Harrisdale

Harrisdale Lights 02
Picture credit: Harrisdale Lights

Let’s kick off our festive foray into Perth’s lighting legends right here on Harrisdale Drive, where there sits a certain house that puts all others to shame. Glittering trees, sparkling bells, candy canes, reindeer, angels and much more make this a Christmassy feast for the eyes. Santa Claus has even sent one of his seemingly endless clones over to supervise the fun.

Kanji Loop, Atewell

Outdoor Christmas Decorations on a Snowy Front Lawn

All sorts of festive fun goes down at Kanji Loop this time of year, and the glorious lights are always the biggest draw. Loads of houses get in on the act, and the elaborate displays never cease to wow the crowd. Plus, it’s all geared towards raising money for the Princess Margaret Hospital for Children, a worthy cause to brighten someone else’s Christmas too.

Myambar Court, Carramar

Picture credit: Myamba Court Christmas Lights

The annual Myambar Court Christmas PMH fundraiser is not an event to be missed, as practically the whole street gets decked out in magical yuletide sparkles. There’s food, games, prizes, and the chance to meet everyone from Batman to Minions to bring out your inner child. December 19th, 7pm. Be there.

Armstrong Way, Noranda

Picture credit: Christmas Lights Perth

This here’s one of the largest and most wonderfully extravagant Christmas lights displays in Perth, complete with lasers, shooting stars, a snow machine, a gorgeous nativity scene, a veritable horde of inflatable Santas, and plenty other such festive splendidry to see and experience. Collections for the RSPCA and PMH also take place, so ‘tis very much the season to be jolly on Armstrong Way.

Palmerston Crescent, Tapping

Picture credit: Palmerston Crescent Christmas Lights
Picture credit: Palmerston Crescent Christmas Lights

Is that a large, cuddly anthropomorphic bear wearing a Santa Claus costume? Or perhaps it’s not a costume at all, and old Nick’s cloning program really has gone too far… In any case, welcome to Christmas time at Palmerston Crescent! This show of stunning seasonal lights has been expanding beautifully since 2004, and is a genuine joy to behold. Check it out!


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