What’s Happening in Hobart This September

It’s September again in Hobart, and there’s no shortage of awesome stuff to jot down on the calendar. Here are four standout events to help you give the springtime a proper welcome!

Flappers and Dappers

Date: 3 September

Location: Republic Bar, North Hobart

Republic is already one of the most popular pubs in Hobart, and it’s about to get a whole lot swankier on September 3rd. For one night only, the entire venue will be whisked away through the oceans of time, landing smack bang in the midst of the roaring 20s. Get dressed up (Gatsby style) and zip down at 8pm sharp for an evening of classy canapés, sexy cocktails and smooth jazz courtesy of Yesterday’s Gentlemen. The best-dressed flapper and/or dapper wins a prize, and the whole speakeasy is designed to raise money for Oxfam. There are literally no downsides to any of this, so do come along, old sport. Find out more


Australian Antarctic Festival

Date: 8 – 11 September

Location: Various

Hobart’s special status when it comes to Antarctica is very well documented, so it’s only natural that this should be the city to host the fun, fascinating and deeply moving Australian Antarctic Festival. It’s held across four days, during which the Hobart waterfront will be transformed into a bustling hub of exhibitions, lectures, school tours, and much more, each delving into an aspect of our cultural, scientific and historical relationship with earth’s most mysterious continent. You can catch the Antarctic Film Festival, check out the inner workings of a real arctic ship, and even meet some huskies! It’s sure to be a really cool event, so make sure you pop by! Find out more


Circus Oz

Date: 22 – 24 September

Location: Theatre Royal, Hobart

Fresh from dazzling audiences all across the world, the fantabulous Circus Oz is coming back home to remind us what we’ve all been missing. It’s Hobart’s turn next, so make sure you book your seat at the grand old Theatre Royal for a night you’ll never forget. This truly is a circus like no other, combining traditional, finely honed skills with a uniquely Australian twist, incorporating comedy, storytelling and a whole lot of fun into feats of death-defying bravery. It’s great for all ages, and we’re sure you’ll be talking about it long after the curtain falls. Find out more


Tastings at the Top

Date: 23 -25 September

Location: Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge, Claire National Park

Now entering its 22nd year of fine wine, delectable food and stunning views, Tastings at the Top remains firmly entrenched as one of Australia’s premier foodie experiences. Not only can you engage in a host of lip-smacking culinary treats (like artisan cheese tastings, gourmet cooking classes, and what will undoubtedly be the dinner of your life on Saturday night), but you get to do it all in the cosy confines of the luxurious Cradle Mountain Lodge. This is most definitely the high life, and not just because you’re next to a mountain! Find out more

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