Seven South Brings Fresh New Flavours to Yeronga

Seven South Opens in Yeronga

Calling all Brisbane foodies: we’ve found your new must-try café! Seven South (appropriately nestled just seven kilometres south of Brisbane’s CBD) is the latest venture of Gavin and Kylie Bartholomew.

From the moment you step through the doors, a barrage of delicious delicacies assaults your senses. And, with super chef Sam Potter at the helm (for those of you don’t know, he trained under Philip Johnson from E’cco Bistro), it’s not hard to be swept away by their marvellous menu.

We spoke to Kylie Bartholomew to find out more.

Hi Kylie, thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to talk to us. Can you tell us a bit about you and Gavin got started?

Gavin and I (Kylie) have been in hospitality for over 30 years between us. Seven South is our second foray into business ownership in this industry. This is on a larger scale than our previous cafe (Home Cafe Ashgrove), so we have enjoyed the challenge of designing dinner menus and drink menus with our chef and wine supplier respectively.

What made you choose Yeronga as the site for your cafe?

We saw the potential in such a wonderful residential suburb and loved the real community feel to the place. We also thought it was close enough to many suburbs to also become a destination dining experience. This space also allowed us to have more influence on the overall design and aesthetic.

Gavin and Kylie Bartholomew
Gavin and Kylie Bartholomew

Speaking of your design, it’s certainly very striking with the all the copper and greenery. We especially love the timber wall that you built using materials from the Brisbane floods. Who did you get to design your café and how did you come up with the whole concept?

We were initially assisted with some design ideas by Design Gallery. We then took those suggestions and found our own twist on them. We knew we wanted the space to be light and bright but we needed to ensure the design lent itself to both daytime and night-time dining, which I think we achieved.

We chose a minimalistic look so that people would be comfortable in the surrounding whether they were just enjoying coffee with friends or dinner with their family. We wanted the food to be the feature and the interior to complement that.

Your food certainly has everyone talking (we hear the ricotta and blueberry hotcakes are a favourite)! So, aside from being absolutely delicious, what is it that makes your menu different? 

We are using ingredients that people are familiar with, just in a different way. Produce like chargrilled greens and sweetcorn at breakfast, house-smoked salmon fish cakes at lunch and a delicious salad topped with a wonderful burrata cheese.

People will recognise the ingredients but may have never had them before in the pairings we feature. It’s inventive but still recognisable. The dilemma is what to choose rather than not finding anything you want. It’s a great way to invite people back as they work their way through the menu to find their very own favourite dish.

Seven South - Smashed Avocado
Try the delicious Smashed Avocado

Working through the menu sounds like an excellent idea and you’ve certainly gone above and beyond with the menu offerings. Where do you get your ideas and inspiration from? 

We worked closely with our head chef, Sam Potter, to create a menu that was seasonal and delivered on both taste and look. We love the cafe and dining culture of Melbourne so we sought some inspiration from cafe leaders south of the border, as well as creating a menu that was representative of the food we all love and would be happy to eat at any cafe anywhere, anytime.

There’s so much to choose from… can you give us a few hints? What’s your favourite item on the menu? 

My favourite breakfasts are the Blueberry Hotcakes (lemon, thyme, blueberry and ricotta hot cake with crème fraîche and pistachio praline), and also the Smashed Avocado (herb-smashed avocado, house pumpkin bread, goat’s feta and spiced pepitas). The avocado is a classic, but it’s done so well by Sam on his house-made pumpkin bread. Gavin loves the Porcini Sformato (sourdough, sautéed mushrooms, spinach and shiraz reduction).

The Wagyu Burger (wagyu, smoked tomato, pickles, gruyere and grain mustard with hand-cut chips) and Duck Salad (confit duck leg, grapes, orange, parsley and fennel) are a stand out at lunch. 

Dinner is hard to choose… it’d be between Sam’s Homemade Gnocchi (potato gnocchi with clams, pancetta, white wine and fennel) or Grilled Whiting (grilled whiting, pea puree, vinegar crisps, egg and caper relish).

Seven South - Wagyu Burger
Wagyu Burger, anyone?

Wow. Every single one of those dishes sounds amazing. A great dining experience isn’t just about food though right? We hear that you work really hard to ensure the food has a great wine to match. How important do you think it is to have matching wines with your meal

We love the idea of wine, and even beer, complementing the food you’re eating. It means the flavours are heightened, which in turn ensures your experience in complete.

Good food, good wine. That’s all anyone can ask for really! We can’t expect you to be working all the time though. Aside from Seven South (of course), are there any other restaurants or bars that you enjoy going to on your nights off?

We love Anise for the degustation menu and matching wines as well as the small, intimate feel with exceptional service.

Drop by Seven South for the ultimate dining experience. They can be found at 92 Hyde Road in Yeronga and are open 7 days a week from 6:30am. Kids and dogs are extremely welcome so bring along the whole family!

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