Sit Back with a Beer and Save The Great Barrier Reef

Good-Beer-save the great barrier reef

Beer brewed for a good cause? Where do we sign up?! As if we needed more of an excuse to drink beer, now there’s an even better reason (other than it’s a day of the week ending in ‘Y’) to be indulging in what’s probably one of Australia’s favourite pastimes.

The Good Beer Co has launched a crowd-funding venture to make Australia’s first craft beer where 50% of profits go to a charity. How cool is that? The first production, Great Barrier Beer, will find its profits going to the Australian Marine Conservation Society to help protect Australia’s great global icon, the Great Barrier Reef.

James Grugeon, founder of The Good Beer Co, calls this venture an opportunity for Australian beer enthusiasts to “drink socially responsibly.”

“We’re here to support great craft beer brewers, shake up the beer industry for the better, drive down environmental impact, brew popular, easy drinking quality craft beers, and drive sustainable and transformative funding for our charity partners.” Amen to that.

In case you were concerned that a beer for charity would be about as tasty as a mouthful of warm tap water, think again. The Good Beer Co has teamed up with the Bundaberg beer gods at Bargara Brewing Company, as well as a beer brains trust consisting of beer boffins from Australian Brews News,, and the Head Brewer at Newstead Brewing Company.

Pledging your hard-earned beer dough to The Good Beer Co is the best way to secure yourself a taste of the good stuff, with crowd funders set to receive their precious bevvy deliveries in March.

In keeping with their overthrow of the standard for-profit beer company business model, The Good Beer Co runs an openly democratic movement that encourages members to be fully involved in all aspects of the product. Members have the opportunity to taste test future products, vote on label designs, and the chance to decide on which charities to support next.

Director of the Australian Marine Conservation Society, Darren Kindleysides, believes strongly in the project. “As a passionate environmentalist and a craft beer fan myself, this is an exciting venture. It’s such a refreshingly innovative way to raise much-needed awareness and funds for the protection of our Reef.” We’ll drink to that!


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