Sonoma Bakery and Wine Bar Opens in Rose Bay


Sydney sourdough superpower Sonoma bakery looks set to continue its degustation domination, as the artisanal bread makers open a new bakery in Rose Bay next month. Despite the immense success of their existing franchises, this newest addition to the line-up will deviate from their previous tried-and-true recipe. How? They’re including a wine bar.

Yes, you heard us correctly. Opening in mid-December, the new bakery/wine bar has snapped up a prime location on Rose Bay’s main drag. Situated on the corner of New South Head Road and Newcastle Street, the bakery-by-day/wine-bar-by-night will attempt to succeed where other bakeries have failed in the transition to the nighttime economy.

As you’d expect from the team that put sourdough on the map and in the mouth of Sydney, each menu item will use bread as its staple. Despite its a la carte focus, the eatery will adopt an informal approach with share plates galore.

With only fifty seats and the reputation for crusty-on-the-outside, moist-on-the-inside baked goodness that Sonoma has already established over their fifteen years doling out the dough, odds are getting a table is going to require you to get there early. Maybe not as early as the bakers will be getting there, but we’re sure it couldn’t hurt your chances.

Always with an eye to detail, Sonoma has ensured that every aspect of this new venture has been thoroughly thought through: the wine list promises to balance quality and affordability; a wide range of craft beers will be available, and, of course, wonderful fresh bread to soak it all up. A nice glass of wine and some fresh, crusty bread of a Friday afternoon? See you there!

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