Spice Up Your Life With Sydney’s Hottest Dishes

As the chill of autumn sets in, we all need to find ways to keep warm. But forget the track pants and beanies, because there’s nothing like spicy food to really heat things up. We’ve found five of Sydney’s best spice sensations, so get ready for a sizzling good time!


Surry Hills

It may be brought to you by the folks behind Spice I Am, but Surry Hills Eating House has definitely proven to be its own special force in Sydney’s restaurant scene. The vibrant flavours of north Thailand run rampant through all the meals in this attractively presented restaurant, but we’re a big fan of the Nam Prik Pla Two Phon in particular. It’s right up there on the spicy scale and packed full of flavour!

Spice level: medium

“It’s what’s different about this place that makes it special. If you’re coming looking for a Pad Thai or Char Siu noodle or similar, you’re fresh outta luck. North Thai “Street Food”. It feels pretty different to what we’re used to in Australia from Thai restaurants. And I for one, am glad for it. Be bold, be adventurous. Try something new.” – bradlylolo


Ayam Goreng 99


Just a short walk from UNSW, Ayam Goreng remains ever popular with students looking for a quick hit of Indonesian home cooking. Try the wonderfully tender and thoroughly delicious grilled Ayam Bakaar, and order it smothered in eye-popping sambal sauce. We promise you won’t be disappointed with this flavour explosion.

Spice level: hot

“I love this place, I leave out west and don’t mind driving all the way to eastern suburb to eat at this place. The drive is all worth it after you eat their famous grilled chicken with rice and don’t forget the sambal and ketchup manis. Yummy!” – Ricksters


Delhi ‘O’ Delhi


Quaintly tucked away in a corner between Newtown and Erskineville, Delhi ‘O’ Delhi was hatted just last year – and it’s not hard to see why. Each dish stays true to its Indian roots – traditionally crafted and fully of deliciously sumptuous spices. Although the menu is packed full of delicious options, we’d choose the Beef Chutney if you’re after a spicy flavour bomb.

Spice level: hot

“Extremely good service. They go out of their way to look after you and the food is fantastic too!” – Magic Monkey

Belle's Hot Chicken
Image credit: Belle’s Hot Chicken

Belle’s Hot Chicken

The Rocks

This American-style diner rocks a pleasingly retro style, with food in baskets, stools at the counter and a big neon “WINE” sign on the wall. But once you’ve tried the food you won’t notice any of that. Just a single bite of the ‘Really F**kin Hot’ chicken tenders will make your mouth instantly ignite with both flavour and fire, in the best possible way!

Spice level: super hot

“Some like it hot and then there is belle’s hot hot. They aren’t joking when they say spicy! Southern American style food, the chicken actually comes in a bucket. Just like the movies. Sides of Mac n cheese, broccoli, pickles and coleslaw complete the meal. I recommend you don’t bring your calorie calculator, just close your eyes and enjoy the crunchy finger licking good deep fried chicken.” – svchu1


Dodee Paideng


Dodee Paideng offers a rich bounty of curries, salads, soups, rice bowls and seafood, all sorted into seven levels of spiciness. We are, of course, jumping straight to level seven with the ‘Dodee Super Nova’ curry. Be careful though, because we hear this dish is one of the hottest in Sydney!

Spice level: scorching!

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