Kick Off Your Night At Perth’s Best Sports Bars

Whatever your game, Perth’s got the perfect place to watch it. From NHL to AFL to the soccer and the Ashes, the city’s filled with bars for any sport. Join us for our live coverage of the best places to kick off your night!


Image credit: Ashby Bar
Image credit: Ashby Bar

The Ashby Bar and Bistro


Widely agreed to be one of Perth’s finest drinking establishments, The Ashby is the unofficial home of sports lovers in Wanneroo. Why? Well, we can think of at least three good reasons: The 7sqm big screen in the courtyard, the digital TAB race-wall, and the state-of-the-art sports bar. The rest of the screens throughout the bar are still more reasons, as is the ‘$15 Feed, Frothy and Flutter’ deal – that’s a meal, middy, and mystery bet – sign us up!

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Image credit: Oc'Connor Village
Image credit: Oc’Connor Village

CY O’Connor Village Pub

Piara Waters

Famous throughout south Perth for its glorious steak sandwiches (they were a finalist in WA’s Best Steak Sandwich 2016), CYO is a top-notch pub surrounded by beautiful countryside. You can catch everything from international soccer to test cricket in the stylish, well-staffed sports bar, and the whole place simply drips with rustic charm. Oh, they also have Havana Club Mojitos for only $12, the perfect accompaniment to your steak sandwich.

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Image credit: High Wycombe Tavern
Image credit: High Wycombe Tavern

The High Wycombe Tavern

High Wycombe

“Tavern” hardly does this place justice, honestly. It’s more like a spacious restaurant-lounge combo, where simple elegance and exceptional service are the first things on the menu. The sports bar has everything, from FOX Sports plasma screens and betting tech to pool tables and collected sports memorabilia. Oh, Tuesday is Parmigiana Night! That’s parmy, chips and salad for just $15. Nice!

“I am now i guess what they class as a local at this little gem, only because its the only decent place to go this side East of Perth. When we first started going to this place last year the food was pretty ordinary but in the past 12 or so months they have turned it around in a big way. The Black Angus steaks are always spot-on and good value for money and the woodfired gourmet pizzas are sublime.” – johnnyslam


Image credit: Varsity Bar
Image credit: Varsity Bar

Varsity Bar


Inspired by the college sports bars of the USA, Varsity is a slick, no-nonsense hive of beer, burgers and bro-hood. Whether you’re into basketball, AFL, Ice hockey or UFC, you can follow practically any sport from around the world in comfort and style, as well as kick off a few rounds of pool or ping pong. The prices are geared for student friendliness, and the $15 lunch special is an absolute steal!

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Image credit: Crown Sports Bar
Image credit: Crown Sports Bar

The Crown Sports bar


A little swankier than your average sports bar (just check out that carpet), The Crown offers 20 screens, TAB betting and all the live sports you can cram into your schedule. Then, of course, there’s all the competitions, prize draws and special events, and even the odd sporting celebrity or two. This place is CBD sports heaven, and won’t be outsported by any other sporting establishment!

“The service is great and the restaurant is located near the Casino and if you are a member of the Burswood Casino you get a discount every day apart from public holidays. The food is fresh and there is a great variety, more than there has been in the past. There is also a dedicated dessert bar so make sure you leave some room otherwise you will be kicking yourself when you get home.” – n.walker

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