Sublime Ice Cream and Gelato in Melbourne

With ice cream in one hand and gelato in the other, the world is your oyster. Your soft, sweet, velvety smooth oyster…

TrueLocal - Messina: Ice Cream and Gelato in Melbourne



Apparently, Messina’s maxim when it comes to making gelato is, “How would they have made it 100 years ago?” Sometimes, we’re shown that the old ways really are the best ways, and that makes Messina a wonderful place to go for lovingly crafted, traditional gelato in a bounty of flavours. Read more

So many wonderful flavours and each has a wonderful authentic gelato taste. My favourites are the Italian nougat, Gianduia (a hazelnut chocolate praline) and dulce de leche (a caramel flavour) If you favour the sorbets you cant go wrong with blood orange and strawberry. – starwoman8

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TrueLocal - Messina: Ice Cream and Gelato in Melbourne

Helados Jauja


Completely natural, handmade, stylishly scooped ice cream is all you’ll find here at Helados Jauja, and what else could you possibly need? There’s not an artificial colouring or flavouring in sight, and they specialise in simple yet creative options, including white peaches and lemon, strawberry basil, whiskey peans, Christmas pudding, chocolate vegemite, and even craft beer sorbet! Read more

Melbourne’s best ice cream. Helados Jauja has a great range of ice cream – with the traditional flavours as well as more exotic options. The salted caramel ice cream is to die for, especially when coupled with the bitter dark chocolate ice cream. – melb_meerkat

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TrueLocal - Il Dolce Freddo: Ice Cream and Gelato in Melbourne

Il Dolce Freddo


Many are willing to fight and die for their belief that Il Dolce Freddo does the finest ice cream in the city. We wouldn’t go that far (maybe poke out an eye or two then scarper), but we can’t deny that this is some damn, damn good Italian ice cream made with real heart.

If you want to experience what real ice cream tastes like, then this is the place. Do yourself a Flavour and just try it… As good as the best I’ve had in Sicily, the home of ice cream! – thumb

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TrueLocal - Il Melograno: Ice Cream and Gelato in Melbourne

Il Melograno


A knock-out café/Gelateria combo, Il Melograno is a rustic, leafy slice of relaxation serving up sumptuous light lunches, high-grade coffee, and, of course, resplendently marvellous, all-natural gelato. The top-notch service will make you feel like some kind of badass big shot from the moment you swagger in, and the subtly wonderful flavours’ll make your taste buds feel exactly the same.

Service is excellent! – Isobel Mazie

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TrueLocal - Trampoline Gelato: Ice Cream and Gelato in Melbourne

“Flavours that jump out at you.” Good god. Well, it’s all made freshly onsite with nothing but the finest local produce. A kid-friendly, unfailingly happy and bubbly sort of place, you’re guaranteed to be smiling like an idiot the whole time you’re here.
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I am not an ice cream fan but when I tasted my kids here I was really pleasantly surprised, the flavours actually taste like they say (there are some “real ingredients” in them not just artificial flavourings) you can actually tastes bits of mango, coconut and berry and pistachio, etc in them. – jarrahblue

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TrueLocal - 7 Apples Gelato: Ice Cream and Gelato in Melbourne

7 Apples Gelato

St Kilda

Fortunately, 7 Apples Gelato offers slightly more flavour-wise than merely seven different types of apple. That would be a mildly amusing gimmick, but it probably wouldn’t take you very far in the cutthroat world of Melbourne gelato. They in fact offer around 100 flavours of artisan gelato and sorbet overall, with 26 of them available at any one time. We dare you to not be impressed. Read more

Best Gelato place on the south side of the Yarra and certainly outside of Carlton. 7 Apples has a perfect location, close to the beach and really nice restaurants and bars, so it’s perfect for an after dinner dessert and you can go around st kilda to walk off the dinner and delicious gelati. – Aaron Farley

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TrueLocal - Pidapipó Gelateria: Ice Cream and Gelato in Melbourne

Inspired by a cultural and culinary education courtesy of her beloved Italian grandfather, Lisa Valmorbida worked her way up through the Melbourne restaurant scene, eventually jetting off to Italy to attend Carpigiani Gelato University (yes, that is a real thing). Now she’s poured everything she knows into Pidapipó, a kitchen/retail store hybrid that’ll make all your gelato dreams come true. Read more

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