Melbourne’s Best Summer Sensations

Top 5 Melbourne Summer Spots 750

Find a change in scenery from the bustling city streets and graphic artistry to enjoy the natural beauty of what Melbourne’s got to offer.


It’s not really a secret that Sorrento beach is awesome, but let’s just take another moment to admire how stunning it is. Clear waters, gorgeous sandy shore… Sorrento is a veritable oasis. It’s a little bit of a trek, but grab your besties, your fave tunes, crank the A/C and have a mini road trip along the scenic Mornington Peninsula. There’s plenty of great eateries to be satisfy your hunger too.

Barefoot bowling at Brunswick Bowling Club

Some say the Brunswick Bowling Club is pretty much just a glorified beer garden, but we turn our noses up at those nay-sayers. After all, what’s better than chilling with a beer and an epic game of bowls? On Thursdays, there’s a barefoot bowling tournament for beginners and intermediate-level players for our more competitive readers, plus DJs or live bands on Sundays for those of you who are a bit more laid back. Either way, we suggest you just rock up whenever and see what happens!

Herring Island

We’re not sure how Herring Island has been hiding from us all these years, but this is an amazing spot to explore, and it’s only 3kms out of the city. Herring Island is a little nature reserve island tucked in an elbow of the Yarra River. It can only be accessed by a punt that has no schedule but runs on demand (how serendipitous is that?), or you can get there by private boat if you’re feeling super fancy. Make sure you grab a bite to eat nearby before heading over, it is a separate island after all.

Section 8

We all love Melbourne’s trendy culture so it goes without saying that at least one uber-hip bar needs to be mentioned on this list. The owners of Section 8 decided to think ‘outside the box’ by thinking inside the box – well, container at least. Created from a disused shipping container, this bar serves exquisite summer cocktails that’ll leave you wanting more.

Gunnamatta Beach

If you thought you had to head out of state for great surfing, you thought wrong. Gunnamatta Beach is a high-energy surf spot ideal for experienced swimmers surfers. The 3km long beach isn’t for the faint of heart, so be sure to be careful when heading into the water. But, if you’re looking for a great spot with pretty consistent surf, Gunnamatta Beach is the place to be. Catch the perfect wave then catch the perfect feed because surely you’ll need to refuel your energy.

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