Perfect Places to Spend Summer in Perth

Top 5 Perth Summer Spots 750

Perth in summer is hot. Like, fry an egg on your car hot. But if you’re from Perth, you probably already know this. This summer, why not head to some of the coolest spots that we’ve found just for you?

Simmo’s Ice Cream

It sounds crazy, but it turns out ice cream is great on a hot sweaty summer day. Who’d have thought? And what better reason is there to escape the heat than for ice cream ranked amongst the top 15 in the entire world? Yup, you heard us. Simmo’s Ice Cream is a local masterpiece, so you’ll no doubt soon be a regular.

Yanchep Lagoon Beach

Yanchep Lagoon Beach is one of those spots where you look at it and wonder, “Why on earth isn’t this place crowded as hell?” But while Yanchep has it’s busier moments, for the most part, it’s a nice tranquil section of the world to enjoy a glorious Perth summer day. It’s also great for snorkelling, fishing, swimming, or just kicking back with a good book. There’s no doubt you’ll also find a local cafe to enjoy a coffee if you need to take a break from the sun.

Mechanic’s Institute Bar

Mechanic’s Institute Bar in Northbridge is kind of an institution (especially after those pictures of their Bloody Marys made the news). It’s one of Perth’s most unique spots and a fantastic choice for a summer afternoon chill-out sesh, especially if you’ve had a bit of a brutal Saturday night out. There are couches inside if you need to escape the heat, but head out to the deck and enjoy a drink or four with your mates this summer.

Salmon Bay, Rottnest

You know those #paradise pictures showing some tropical island retreat with clear turquoise waters, impossibly pristine white sandy beaches, and splashes of greenery dotting the horizon? And you wonder why you’re not currently face down on a soft fluffy towel soaking in that gorgeous sunshine? Turns out you don’t have to fork out thousands for this because it’s practically in your own backyard already. Yep, Salmon Bay is the place to go. It’s not picture perfect until there’s a photo of you holding a fancy drink, so grab one at one of their local cafes.

Secret Garden Wonderland

Some people on the internet have gotten in trouble with Perth locals over disclosing the location of this gorgeous hidden gem, but we think that everyone should be able to experience this hidden wonder so we’re letting the cat out of the bag. Tucked away in the Careniup Wetlands in Stirling, this enchanted place looks like somewhere fairies have decided to hide away from the rest of the world. You’ll also discover plenty of mouth-watering bites along the way too.

Image credit: Mechanics Institute Bar

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