Sydney’s Sensational Summer Spots

Top 5 Sydney Summer Spots 750

What’s summer in Sydney without visiting the gorgeous beaches? Sometimes everyone has the same idea though (Bondi and Coogee, anyone?), so we’ve put together a list of the lesser-known spots around Sydney to head to when the heat is on.

Hermitage Foreshore Walk

Starting at around Shark Bay and heading south along the gorgeous coast down to Rose Bay, the Hermitage Foreshore Walk is a hidden wonder of crisscrossing boardwalks, lush greenery and iconic views. You won’t often find many other people on the secluded beach cove, so we recommend grabbing a blanket and watching the sun set. If you’re loving the view, why not enjoy it more with some food too by checking out the local cafes nearby.

The Island

The Island could be one of the greatest bar concepts ever. Seriously, this bar will blow your mind. As the name says, it’s an island, but it’s not on an island. It is the island. It’s an exclusive little hideaway with a European beach club vibe complete with cabanas and daybeds for the ultimate summer afternoon. Tickets are required, and you’re best off booking in advance as spots fill up quickly. Get to it!

Gordon’s Bay Underwater Nature Trail

If snorkelling is one of those things you’ve been meaning to get to all summer (or all your life), then the Gordon’s Bay Underwater Nature Trail is a great place to start. Constructed by members of the Gordon’s Bay Scuba Diving Club, you can wander through an underwater wonderland of reefs, sand flats and kelp forests. Ariel would totally be jealous. You’re bound to work up an appetite after exploring the underwater world, so drop in for bite to eat along the way.

MCA Rooftop Café and Sculpture Terrace

It might sound like a tourist trap, but the MCA rooftop café is actually a little-known wonder and definitely under-appreciated gem in Sydney. Just head straight through the Museum of Contemporary Art (or, you know, stop for a browse through some great art collections if you’re so inclined) to the roof. Here, you’ll find stunning panoramic views of the Harbour and an artistic exhibition on the sculpture terrace. It’s culture and relaxation all in one hit. Score.

Garie Beach

Great for a picnic, a surf, a little paddle, or a touch of sunbathing, Garie Beach is a lesser-known Sydney spot that’s definitely worth the trip. Flanked by rainforest gullies with a tangle of trees and ferns, this is a great place to sit in the shade or explore the natural beauty. And, if you’re lucky, you might even get to see a whale! Its location is so secluded, you’ll find the closest local outlets in Lilyvale or Helensburgh.

Image credit: NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

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