5 Amazing Sweet Bakeries in Adelaide

Adelaide is blessed with many wonderful bakeries, and we’ve handpicked our favourite five for getting your sweet, sugary fix. Whether you’re looking for vanilla slices, éclairs or cronuts, we’ve got your next sweet treat sorted!

Best Place for Vanilla Slices

Image credit: Home Grown Bakery
Image credit: Home Grown Bakery

Home Grain Bakery


Home Grain is more than just a bakery. It’s a spacious, and fully functioning haven of hospitality, promoting coffee, culture, community and, most importantly, totally amazing vanilla slices. It’s famous for them, in fact, and a single bite of this delicious creamy heaven should be all it takes to confirm that they are indeed the best in town.

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Best Place for Chocolate Eclairs

Image credit: Orange Spot Bakery
Image credit: Orange Spot Bakery

Orange Spot Bakery


If you take combined the Golden Globes with the Emmys, you probably still wouldn’t end up with as many awards as Orange Spot. This masterful bakery is most definitely the real deal, and its range of beautiful pasties is beloved by all. On the sweeter side of things, the Chocolate Éclair won’t be topped anywhere else in Adelaide. Using only fresh cream and French Choux pastry, it’s like biting into a particularly delicious cloud.

“Came into this place on a Sunday morning and was quite the place to be by the looks of it. People sitting down inside, people making orders people waiting in line… a popular place to be. Was my first time here and as I walked in my eyes lit up to all the sweets and pastries in the window.” – xbabydollx

Best Place for Brownies and Cronuts

Image credit: Jenny's Gourmet
Image credit: Jenny’s Gourmet

Jenny’s Gourmet Bakery


Jenny’s is a proudly old-fashioned joint, harking back to the days of freshness, friendliness and the kind of culinary skill that only comes from years of practice. The hard work has obviously paid off, as you’ll struggle to find yummier cronuts and brownies at any other SA bakery. The raspberry brownie is especially great, combining deliciously dark chocolate with zesty bursts of berrylicious flavour.

“The bakery is a French style bakery, with a very large range of delicious gourmet baked choices. I enjoyed a fresh baked good size raspberry croissant, best I have tasted for quite some time, complimented by a very well made Veneziano coffee. The service was friendly and engaging. Also included are free news papers and WiFi.” – Trev Scott

Best Place for Cream Kataifi

Image credit: Kalymnos
Image credit: Kalymnos

Kalymnos Pastries


Bakeries often draw inspiration from the classical maestros of France and Italy, but you should never discount the power of Greece. Kalymnos is a traditional Greek bakery run by the charming George Diakomichalis, a fourth-generation pastry chef with a real knack for (amongst many other things) a mind-blowing cream kataifi. That’s roasted kataifi and almonds, with syrup, custard and fresh cream. Glorious!

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Best Place for Bronuts

Image credit: Boulangerie 113
Image credit: Boulangerie 113

Boulangerie 113


From multi-coloured croissants to exotic cruffins to spooky, pitch-black brioche on Friday the 13th, Boulangerie 113 handles every facet of baking with an irrepressible sense of fun and flourish. It’s always hard to pick out a single item from the vibrantly packed display shelves here, but the Nutella flavoured ‘bronut’ is always a crowd favourite.

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We hope you satisfy your sweet tooth at these bakeries. Don’t forget to let us know how you went!

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