This is Our Jam! 5 Karaoke Bars in Sydney You Have to Visit

There’s something truly fantastic about karaoke. Whether you’re a fan of a power ballad, a pub rock anthem or a cheesy 90s pop song, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Loudly. And often out-of-tune. But that’s okay! That’s just part of why we love it. Here are some of Sydney’s best places to let loose and free your inner karaoke diva.

Image credit: Dynasty

Dynasty Karaoke


Sat deep in the heart of Chinatown, Dynasty Karaoke is a dark, neon-speckled haven of after-hours fun. The décor is slick, the drinks list is extensive, and the nibbles are out of this world (especially the crab claws – we could easily eat a dozen in one sitting). Set up to seriously impress, this venue features 13 VIP rooms equipped with their own touchscreen karaoke systems, so all you have to do is bring the noise.

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Image credit: CEO Karaoke
Image credit: CEO Karaoke Facebook

CEO Karaoke


If you’re looking for karaoke with a touch of class, CEO is the place to be. It features 22 large karaoke rooms, each decked out for both top-quality sound and total privacy (so nobody but your closest friends will ever know about the time you got stage fright and completely forgot the lyrics to Bohemian Rhapsody). The pop art wall murals are awesome too, and there’s a great drinks menu if you happen to need a bit of liquid courage to warm up those vocal chords…

“It is hard to fault a place that you rock up to late on a Friday night, drunk. Songs are fun, staff are attentive, but feels like a time warp when you walk in. Easily get lost in here.” – dbag

Image credit: Mizuya Facebook
Image credit: Mizuya Facebook

Mizuya Japanese Restaurant


The only thing better than karaoke is karaoke with a side of amazing Japanese food, and nowhere is that more evident than Mizuya. This fabulous joint boasts 24 swanky rooms where you can dine, drink and sing your heart out, with a choice of over 200,000+ songs across four languages. Perfect for parties, corporate events or just a Saturday night on the town, all we can say is that – in the words of the great lyricist Nelly – it’s seriously hot in herre.

“This is my favourite place to come to karaoke in Sydney CBD – the song list is good, the mics are good and the rooms are clean and well kept. Best think of all is that you can order food to eat inside the karaoke places. Out of the few places that offer a dining experience with karaoke in Sydney, I think Mizuya’s menu is the best. They also offer a wide variety of drinks.” – ShrimpyNoodle

Image credit: K-Sqaure Karaoke Lounge Facebook

K Square Karaoke Lounge


K Square is a very cool karaoke place that’s super popular with larger groups. And it’s not hard to see why – the rooms here are BIG, packed full of state-of-the-art audio gear and a merry medley of classic hits and fresh new tracks to sink your teeth into. You can even cue up music videos on the big screens to complement your angelic vocals. What better way to feel like the star you already know you are?

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Image credit: Lantern By Wagaya Facebook
Image credit: Lantern By Wagaya Facebook

Lantern by Wagaya


Time to head back to Japan, so let’s weave our way through the hanging lanterns and ornate wooden booths to check out Wagaya. This delightfully hidden restaurant/karaoke hotspot offers tasty deals on both lunchtime and happy hour karaoke specials, and you can even order food via the touchscreen in your room. It’s like living in the future, if the future is going to feature people singing off-key to their favourite 90s chart-toppers (which we hope it does).

“Lantern By Wagaya isn’t well signposted, so if you don’t know about this place and you’re walking in the city at night, it’s most likely that you’ve just walked past it. The upside to this is that it’s not busy during weeknights, so the service is fast and the staff pay more attention to you. If you’re looking for delicious Japanese tapa-style dishes, come here.” – foodster220

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