Treat Yo’self With Sydney’s Stunning Summer Desserts

Some desserts are worth breaking your new year’s resolution for, and gelato is definitely on that list. When the temperature’s soaring, there’s nothing like a cone of cool, melty goodness to help you chill out. We’ve got the scoop (geddit?) on where to get Sydney’s sweetest summer treats.

Ciccone & Sons Gelateria Facebook
Image credit: Ciccone & Sons Gelateria Facebook

Ciccone & Sons Gelateria


The gelato geniuses behind Ciccone & Sons have been perfecting their craft for nearly 20 years – and it shows in every scoop. This is the real Italian stuff, and we’re talking full-on, refreshing, melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness. They’ve got all sorts of flavours, but we have to give a special shout out to the watermelon granita. They also do a series of limited flavours, so you should definitely head down and see what’s new at their cute little Redfern store. Magnifico!

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RivaRino Gelato Facebook
Image credit: RivaRino Gelato Facebook

RivaReno Gelato

Surry Hills

Have you ever tried pina colada Sicilian granita? It’s our favourite dessert down at RivaReno Gelato, a little slice of ice cream heaven tucked away in Surry Hills. But if pina coladas aren’t your thing (you’re probably not into getting caught in the rain either, are we right?) there are heaps of other flavours to try. From the classics, like coffee and pistachio, to the more inventive, such as the Crema Fiorentina (with custard gelato, honey and orange peel), all the gelato is made fresh in store each day. So what are you waiting for? Give them a try!

“RivaReno Gelato is my favourite place in Surry Hills! I love the ice cream here! Last time I went with my family and really enjoyed it! Thanks guys for such a great ice cream.” – AlDe

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Pagoto Gelato Facebook
Image credit: Pagoto Gelato Facebook

Pagoto Gelato


We’re not sure about you, but we could happily eat gelato for every meal of the day. Especially if it’s from Pagoto Gelato, home to a huge selection of amazing treats. They’ve got about eight million flavours, and they are all incredible. Okay, so it’s probably not eight million, but there’s still a lot to choose from. You should definitely try the Hubba Bubba gelato for something a little different.

“This place is so good, soooo many flavours to choose from. The vibe is great and the ice cream is even better. Definitely recommend the baklava flavour. Tastes exactly like a baklava.” – MM21

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Cow and Moon Facebook
Image credit: Cow and Moon Facebook

Cow & The Moon


When you want amazing gelato, you need Cow & The Moon. These guys are award-winning, and after one bite you’ll understand why. All of their gelato is amazing, but possibly the most amazingest of all is the pistachio. We’re not sure. We may have to go and try every flavour again to check. Anyway, whatever flavour you choose, we promise it will be even better with the house-made iced tea special! Cool, refreshing bliss.

 “The gelato is absolutely delicious, no matter which flavours you get. Personally my favorite is mandarin, as the flavour is deeply infused into the icecream but not in a negative way. This is the case for all the icecreams they serve. You can definitely tell that a lot of love and care has been placed in the making.” – Missyarya

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i Creamy Artisan Gelato Facebook
Image credit: i-Creamy Artisan Gelato Facebook

i-Creamy Artisan Gelato


I creamy, you creamy… we all creamy! This award-winning ice cream joint boasts tons of rotating flavours, including creative efforts like Thai milk tea, black sesame, vanilla crème brûlée and durian coconut, not to mention all your old favourites. Everything is made fresh in store that very day, and you have to give the artfully crafted flower gelato a try. It’s almost a shame to eat it. Almost.

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