Your Guide to Sydney’s Tastiest Asian Food

Sydney is brimming with exotic Asian cuisine, but most of us only ever try a tiny fraction of it. It’s time to expand your gastronomical horizons with our fave delicacies from across the region.



Mr Wong


Mr Wong is two sprawling storeys of gorgeously rustic opulence. Vintage china abounds, the wine rack stretches from timber floor to lofty ceiling, and something beautiful catches your eye wherever it turns. The menu is 60 dishes of pure Cantonese excellence, and you just have to try the Kung Pao chicken with peanuts, chillies and Szechuan pepper. Delicious! Or měiwèi de, as they say in China.

“Everything in this place is liquid gold. The food. The drinks. The staff. The venue. Some of the best food I’ve had was here. You definitely must try it. Be a little brave and try the pigs ears. They are SO GOOD!” – Janaliamk


Image credit: Toko Sydney Facebook


Surry Hills

Part cocktail lounge, part swanky restaurant, Toko is a stylish triumph of curved, richly coloured wood panelling, alluring lighting and utterly sumptuous Japanese food. Case in point: the Gyu Hohoniku No Nikomi To Wasabi Cream. It sounds like a mouthful, and that’s because it is! It’s soy-braised beef cheek, wasabi crème fraiche and bone marrow tempura, and it’s simply amazing.

“Great food and service, the ambiance is lively and the food is some of the best I have ever tasted.” – Trish Fairhand


Hai Au Lang Nuong

Canley Vale

Lively, eclectic and refreshingly ramshackle (check out Darth Vader chilling with the Buddha), Hai Au forgoes all pretention in favour of good food, good crowds and good times. It’s a lovely place to be, and the meals are fiery, authentic and expertly prepared. We’d wholeheartedly recommend the Canh Chua, which is a kind of fish soup comprised of sour tamarind and silver perch. Surprisingly filling!

“If you haven’t been then go ASAP because this place feels like you’ve been transported to Vietnam and your enjoying the local cuisine. This place has an authentic menu where you can indulge in exotic meats and beautifully cooked meats. I highly recommend the suckling pig and the clay pot fish.” – sweetandyummie


Image credit: Home Thai Facebook
Image credit: Home Thai Facebook

Home Thai


Whether you like it phet (spicy) or phet mak (very spicy), Home is ready and waiting to serve you up a big old plate of glorious Thai food. This friendly joint is always a bustling hive of activity, with folks coming in from all around to sample the legendary fare. It’s all about the curry, as far as we’re concerned, and we’d heartily suggest the irresistible slow-cooked, coconut milk-based Massamun Beef.

“Love this place!! Definitely one of my favourites for Thai food and there’s no doubt other people would think so too as they consistently have long queues. Decent prices, lively atmosphere and absolutely drool-worthy food.” – kningja


Have fun devouring your way through this lot, and don’t forget to review them on True Local!

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