Unleash Your Inner Child at These Awesome Eateries in Sydney

Food and games is always a good mix! After all, who doesn’t enjoy some fun and games while they enjoy a pint or two? Luckily for you, Sydney’s bars and pubs know what Aussies really want! Here are Sydney’s best spots for a splash of frivolous fun to go with your beer.

The Lord Dudley Hotel
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The Lord Dudley Hotel


As classic an English pub as they come, The Lord Dudley is a cosy castle of fine beer, hearty grub and crackling fireplaces. It certainly delivers in the board game department as well, offering such classics as Connect 4, Cluedo, Scrabble, Monopoly, and chess. Grab your friends, bring a dictionary, and prepare of a night of laughter and fun!

“I love the Dudley, I’ve been coming here for more years than I can remember, the thing I like is that it has always resisted renovating to look like so many other pubs in the area, it’s genuine old English pub feel is what the locals want and I have always had a great night here” – Pete S

Coogee Pavilion


Easily in our top five favourite pavilions, the Coogee one is a spacious, modern eatery with lovely ocean views and a rich, Mediterranean-inspired menu. It’s also got a wicked games area, with ping-pong, pétanque, a built-in theatrette, Connect 4 and even giant magnetic scrabble. It’s basically a giant playground for big and little kids alike.

“This is the most genuinely kid-friendly place I’ve been to in a long while – maybe ever! I’m talking ping pong, colouring tables with books and pencils, floor-to -ceiling scrabble, Connect 4 and astroturf indoors. My daughter didn’t want to leave! The food was good too. Had a delicious minty mocktail and a kid-sized kids fish and chips, which was hot and fresh.” – scallywaggle

Hudson Ballroom


Once known as Plan B Small Club, Hudson Ballroom is a bouncy hub of music, Asian street food (Belly Bao anyone?), and fun, fun times. More importantly, however, it does weekly trivia nights. Topics include Stargate, cult sitcom Black Books, and Canadian hip-hop heartthrob Drake. Head down and test your pop quiz might! Loser has to buy the drinks!

“Awesome place to see live bands, so intimate and grungy and never expensive, I even got to see Thom York DJ for $15… anyway, if you want to have a good night, go here. awesome food, excellent music, fun trivia, and the best shows.” – Lbrown79

The Little Guy


We believe in sticking up for the little guy, especially when it takes the form of a killer pub. Expect rustic décor, a bounty of sweet craft beers, and free, addictively delicious spiced popcorn at the bar. As for entertainment, you can catch trivia night on Mondays, or settle into one of the back rooms for a few rounds of Balderdash, battleships, or backgammon.

“The Little Guy is a top notch neighbourhood bar that ticks my boxes. It’s friendly, cozy, with a decent drink selection, a rotating tap and weekly cocktail list, free spiced popcorn (yum!) and live music several nights a week. There’s spaces out the back to take a group or have a quieter chat, or just pull up a stool at the bar.” – livvie



All creative cocktails, funky stylings and randomly assorted knickknacks, Blacksheep is a very cool place to find yourself any night of the week. It’s got a mounted deer head, a weird hanging laddery contraption and a gloriously gigantic Kramer portrait, so the exact theme is anyone’s guess, but whatever it is, we like it! Order up a Slippery Crumpet, some gourmet fish fingers, and prepare to kick some arse at Nintendo. Jenga, or Connect 4!

“Great drinks and great customer service. The cocktail menu has variety and the bar guys are great mixologists always coming up with new concoctions. I had the voodoo doll which I was told only invented that day was delicious and I drank it very fast!” – sweetandyummie


That lot should keep you amused! Why not tell us what you thought on True Local?

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