Sydney’s Sneaky Surprises

Grab your coats, friends. We’re going on an adventure!


Grandma’s Bar


Who doesn’t love a nice trip to Grandma’s? The loving hospitality, the quaint feeling of yesteryear permeating the walls, the reasonably priced booze (granny drove a hard bargain, but she was usually fair). Grandma’s Bar strives to recreate this special atmosphere, and it’s one of Sydney’s most enjoyable, tongue-in-cheek spots to spend an evening of merriment. Read More »

‘Great cocktail bar with a nice vibe, the staff are very friendly and even gave us table service as it wasn’t too busy. It is a very small bar with a max capacity of 50 so it does get busy, go early on a Friday or Saturday if you want to get a seat.’ –  jacoblewis




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Absinthe was once the go-to well of liquid inspiration for artists, poets, playwrights and musicians the world over. This elegant venue seeks to evoke those bygone days and spread the joys of this formidable drink once more. Beware the three-glass maximum, however, which stays in force no matter how much you try to sweet talk them. Trust us. Read More »

This was a great experience for first time absinthe drinkers. Organised the booking a week and a half in advance and the staff were very accommodating to our needs. We arrived promptly and were welcomed in by the staff, dressed in beautiful period gothic attire and were lead into the main bar which is designed in dark gothic French chic decor. Every detail is paid attention to. – H.HPD



The Baxter Inn

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The golden glow of the Baxter Inn is an ever-welcoming sight for weary travellers and appreciators of fine alcohol alike. Everything, from the drinks to the music to the staff to the patrons, swirls together into a perfect maelstrom of swanky good times, and many will fiercely defend this bastion of good booze as their very favourite Sydney bar. Read More »

Definitely an amazing Sydney Bar. My wife and I have been going here since they’ve opened! Always a great whiskey after dinner out on the town. – Eddie955


Fort Denison Cafe and Restaurant

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Slap-bang in the middle of Sydney’s breathtaking harbour, Fort Denison Cafe and Restaurant is the crowning feature of the extraordinary island from which it takes its name. The wonderful menu is comprised of nothing but the absolute best in local produce, and the cityscape views are something everyone should witness at least once in their lives. Read More »

Top location, unbeatable views. Service was excellent, food was 5 star, and the price was reasonable for where you are. Great place for that special moment. Could not fault it. – moon70star



White Rabbit Gallery

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Now this is a hidden gem! You might not be aware but there have been some extremely exciting developments in the world of Chinese art since the turn of the millennium. The White Rabbit Gallery is committed to sharing the very best of it with Australia, and there’s always something fascinating to marvel at. If you’re not sold on that, then, well… there’s also a teahouse! Read More »

This is a fantastic gallery to visit if you want to see work that is contemporary, interesting and intriguing. Both times that I have been I have seen such amazing work that really draws you in with a genuine interest in it. It has the types of works that you look at and think it is one thing, but once you look really closely or read the blurb you realise it is something so much more. –WeenieM


Sub-Station Cafe

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The cool thing about Sub-Station Cafe is that it used to be an actual substation! Just as well really, because imagine the raging tide of disappointment and confusion that would consume Alexandria otherwise… Anyway, expect tasty, freshly made sandwiches, crisp salads, outstanding coffee, and a host of irresistible daily specials at this adorable little eatery. Read More »


This is a trendy little cafe in Alexandria. It’s tiny, but that’s half the appeal – probably only the locals know about it. It’s pretty simple but you get good food, great coffee and all in a compact, interesting environment. The owners have done well doing the place in a ‘rustic’ vibe. There’s a plethora of options in the area, but this is a solid one. – jaydeedw


Spice Temple

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What’s this? A hidden haven of fabulously fulsome Chinese fusion food? Sagely sitting here on this unassuming Sydney street and behind a plasma screen? Holy eggplant, Batman! You heard right! A plasma screen. This multi-award-winning culinary titan of a restaurant is brought to us by famed chef-bloke Neil Perry, and is one of the city’s very best Chinese dining experiences. Make sure you give it a shot. Read More »

My favourite restaurant in Sydney. Dark, moody, Sexy and the food is fabulous. I love taking out of town friends -they’re always impressed. I love how the menu is constantly evolving -there?s always something new and yummy. Staff are professional and extremely competent -5 stars to Mr Perry – DebWilson


Belly Bao

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You look like you could use a pork bun! Or a panko crumbed chicken breast bun. Or a soft shell crab bun. Or even a crispy tofu bun! Yes, if you’ve got a hankering for a dash of sublime Asian street food, Belly Bao will make you extra glad you bothered getting up today. Psst…this hidden underground joint is located within GOODGOD small club. Read More »

Belly Bao is the perfect place for late night cheeky fat feeds! This hidden underground joint will surprise you with the lively vibes as you enter…Their bao buns are a classic, with such mouth-watering fillings, and of course the strawbelly dessert bao was heavenly too! – kningja


Uncle Ming’s Bar

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Not one to be upstaged, Uncle Ming is determined not to let Granny have all the fun. An alluring, reddish hue glints off the funky Chinese décor of Uncle Ming’s Bar, and the unique cocktails and sumptuous array of dumplings should be enough to sate even the pickiest of cocktail and dumpling connoisseurs. Read More »

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If you happen to be a fan of whiskey and curly fries (the cornerstones of any good experience), then Stitch might just be the bar for you. Nicely tucked away down a flight of stairs on York Street, the relaxed ambience and stylish layout whip up the perfect atmosphere in which to enjoy some great diner-style food and an enormous selection of beers, wines, cocktails and spirits. Read More »

The decor is great- filled with old sewing machines! The food was really delicious and the wait short considering how busy it was. We had a French style hot dog, pork burger and tacos/burritos. All meals arrived at the same time and the waitress didn’t rush us out the door as soon as we finished (as is the case in some busy venues!). – R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1

Image Credit: @bates_cam

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