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Looking good is a serious business in Sydney. Why wouldn’t it be? After all Sydney has the stunning harbor, the spacious beaches, the extensive bushland only a few kilometers from its CBD and the sunny weather to make spending time outdoors and exposing a little flesh comfortable almost every month of the year. Cashing in on the harbour city’s undeniable good looks and the desire of its residents to also look the goods is an extensive range of gym and wellness facilities that have sprung up in recent years across its trendier neighborhoods.

Whether you’re seeking to carve an enviable summer body or simply build up your functional strength and boost your energy levels, these following 5 spots which have caught our eye are amongst the best places for a refreshing work out in Sydney:

Flow Athletic

Level 1, 134 Oxford Street, Paddington

More than just a gym, Flow Athletic is an entire fitness philosophy based around the simple idea that clients will get the best, most enduring results by following a simple weekly schedule that includes one strength training session followed by one cardio and yoga session (on different days). Included in their membership packages are full access to their seriously stylish Paddington studio, a packed schedule of fitness classes as well as discounted prices for their workshops and retreats!

“I’m torn to share my love for this business, the secret gem in my new ‘healthy’ life. Not often do I give 5 stars but Flow ticks all the boxes. I took up a membership with Flow when they first opened their doors with opening arms, generally the novelty would’ve worn off by now (for both parties) but the spark is still there…”

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The Indigo Project

33 Foster Street, Surry Hills

Describing itself as a “boutique psychology and mindfulness studio”, The Indigo Project is a place where clients go to exercise their minds, rather than their bodies, using a variety of methods scientifically proven to increase personal creativity, happiness and interpersonal relationships. The all-female Indigo team includes clinically-qualified psychologists who work closely with individuals and organisations to improve their mental health and “get their shit together”. They also provide naturopathy, massage therapy and life coaching services to boot, all from their cute space in uber trendy Surry Hills.

“Great vibes and community feel. Just attended the Listen Up event and it was pretty incredible to say the least. I love that these guys are bringing mindfulness into everyday life activities”.

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KX Pilates

Level 1, 34 St Pauls Street, Randwick (Other Locations across Australia)

With 42 flash pilates studios located across the country, including this one listed here in leafy Randwick, KX Pilates takes a unique approach to this popular exercise practice. The intensity of your workout is increased by reducing time between sets and using the proven Isolate-Fatigue-Stretch principle to use the most muscle groups in the shortest amount of time. The end result (over time, with consistent exercise of course) is a leaner, more balanced physique and improved cardiovascular health, meaning you’ll continue burning calories long after you leave the studio!

“This place has a really nice cosy atmosphere. The instructors are caring and knowledgeable and take the time to make sure you get each movement (done) correctly”.

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Luxe Yoga

162 Harbord Road, Brookvale

An “urban oasis” in Brookvale, close to the heart of Sydney’s super chilled northern beaches lies Luxe Yoga – which is not only your traditional yoga studio but also a cute café and hang out space, all housed within an old warehouse complex. As for their classes, Luxe Yoga offer 7 types of yoga classes, 5 types of Pilates, Barre, Dance, 3 types of Mindfulness Fitness classes and 4 ‘Fusion Rides’ which are a mix of all the above! Classes range from 60 minutes standard to 45 minute express sessions for those seeking a fitness hit in their lunch break!

“Awesome studio and cafe. The classes are great and the whole place has a great vibe, lots of friendly faces”.

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Speedo Fitness Club

Level B1 Pacific Building, 180 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach

Live in Sydney and want to look good in a pair of Speedo’s? You’ve come to the right place, with this multi-purpose fitness club owned by the iconic Aussie brand of the same name offering all the services of a traditional gym, (heated) swimming pool and fitness class studio in a more intimate, boutique setting. Located right across the road from Sydney’s equally iconic Bondi Beach and open 24 hours a day, Speedo Fitness Club can have you building up a sweat on the gym floor to catching a refreshing ocean wave in a pair of speedos in a matter of minutes (if that’s your thing)!

“Best club in Bondi! Equipment is top quality, the staff is friendly and finally a decent gym in Bondi Beach! Plus open 24 hour! Can’t wait to go to the beach in summer then off at the gym later in the evening!!!”

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