Sydney’s Crazy Milkshakes

The milkshake craze is here – so what are you waiting for?


“Inspired by the flavours of the Mediterranean, as well as the hospitality of its people, Foodcraft is a welcoming and relaxing place to visit for breakfast and lunch.” Yeah, whatever. Get to the milkshakes! Hmm, what’s this? Milkshakes that you drink… through pastries? Yes please!
Shake to try: Nutella Donut, because it’s a milkshake with a big Nutella-filled donut whammed on top. Read More »

Great new cafe in Erko. I had the halumi and avo stack it was $16 and it was well worth it is was delish. They have this Nutella and donut milkshake which I will be trying at some point this weekend I will report back – SBC84

TrueLocal - The Vogue Café: Milkshakes in Sydney

The Vogue Café

Macquarie Park

This place is putting the “what the hell is that glorious monstrosity?!” back in milkshake, and everything they whip up is a daring marvel of creamy decadence. Whichever one you go for, it’s probably safe to say you’ll implode into a pocket dimension of pure dairy joy.
Shake to try: P.B.B. That’s peanut butter, salted caramel, Maltesers and chocolate brownie. Gulp. Read More »

The ambience is clean and funky, the cafe is quite busy on Saturday mornings. I ordered the big breakfast and it was simple and satisfying. Drinks such as milkshakes look more like decorated candy covered treats. – atan7

TrueLocal - Wild Pear Café: Milkshakes in Sydney

Who knew the Mediterranean was so big on milkshakes? Yes, Wild Pear is another Mediterranean-themed eatin’ spot with an eye for finery and a milkshake menu that’ll knock your socks off. If you’re not wearing socks, it might knock the outer layer of skin off your feet instead, so invest in a pair.
Shake to try: Rosewater. It’s… it’s so pink! You think you knew true pinkness? Well think again! Read More »

Wild Pear Cafe is one beautiful cafe located at the out-of-town suburb of Dural. The place is located in a natural landscape next to a large pots and plants shop, providing a great escape from the hustle and bustle of city living. – Easternian

TrueLocal - The Grounds of Alexandria: Milkshakes in Sydney

If you’ve ever wanted to down an espresso, grab a milkshake, pick up some fresh bread, have a few drinks, pet a Shetland pony, then finish up with a nice lunch and a stroll around the gardens, this is the place. Say hi to Kevin Bacon for us!
Shake to try: Super Chocolate and Hazelnut. Super chocolate is much better than the regular stuff. Read More »

The people, the place, the atmosphere, it’s an experience to say the least. They have everyone covered from the fresh flowers and food stalls to the cafe and restaurant it’s a great experience and the food is fantastic too. – Sam Windsor-Smith

TrueLocal - Paramount Coffee Project: Milkshakes in Sydney

While it might sound like an obscure mid-90s shoegaze band, Paramount Coffee Project is actually the kind of café you wouldn’t mind bringing home to meet your mother. Great food, great service, and, of course, great milkshakes.
Shake to try: Chocolate Pretzel. If happiness comes in a jar, then this is that jar, friends! Read More »

The menu was a real mix. Items on the menu included a deep fried chicken waffle with curry dish and I had the breakfast burrito with mushrooms. Both were very tasty. I also had one of the milkshakes which was thick and creamy. – spraoi

TrueLocal - Daisy's Milk Bar: Milkshakes in Sydney

This throwback café will pull you through time and plonk you down into the good old 50s; when men were men, milkshakes were milkshakes, and milkmen were presumably something in between. Also, if you see Mr W.B.Woodheart in there, make sure to give him a hug. Sounds like he needs one.
Shake to try: Cherry Bomb. You could say it’s explosively good… Read More »

Daisy’s is basically that girlfriend/boyfriend/best friend you always wished you had that would look good, feed you and make you smile every day except you’ll probably spend less money and more time at Daisy’s than on your partner. – Mr. W.B. Woodheart

TrueLocal - Cornersmith: Milkshakes in Sydney



This place has more rustic charm than a schmaltzy boutique cider advert. If you like varnished wooden tables, greenery, fresh aromas and glass jars stacked up all over the place, you’ll fall in love with Cornersmith in a hummingbird’s heartbeat.
Shake to try: Peach and Lime, because scallywaggle says so. Who are you to question scallywaggle? Read More »

Best eggs in Sydney in my humble opinion. Their menu is not extensive, but the food is impeccable. And don’t even get me started on the milkshakes – no pedestrian flavours here – my last one was peach and lime and something else and it was incredible! –scallywaggle

TrueLocal - Three Williams: Milkshakes in Sydney

Three Williams


Which three Williams? Wordsworth, Wallace and Normandy? Shakespeare, Baldwin and The Kid? Dee Williams, Gates and Clinton? Perhaps we’ll never know… Still, whoever they are, they do very nice milkshakes. Very nice milkshakes indeed.
Shake to try: Peanut Caramel. Good on their own, but together in a milkshake? Unstoppable! Read More »

It’s no wonder this place is talk of the town at the moment. The service is bubbly, the decor is funky and the food is pretty good too. I had the spiced beans on toast with avo and added feta to it. It was a good serve but not at all spicy. The banana, date and walnut praline smoothie was fantastic! – Samantha_s

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