Sydney’s Fabulously Flavoursome Cronuts and Doughnuts

Doughnuts and cronuts are vital components of any balanced diet. Do your body some good and grab some stat!

TrueLocal - Wedge Espresso: Doughnuts and cronuts in Sydney

West Espresso was featured Best Café in Sydney by Gourmet Traveller Australian Restaurant Guide 2015 & 2016, which is as impressive as it is longwinded! More importantly for our purposes, however, is the fact that it stocks beautiful doughnuts by both Brewtown Newtown and Grumpy Doughnuts. It’s a real treat washed down with one of their famous pressed juices, if we do say so. Read more

Excellent customer service and really good coffee. Food is great and heaps yummy. Love it would recommend extremely – rachelsmc

TrueLocal - Pablo & Rusty's: Doughnuts and cronuts in Sydney

We aren’t quite sure who Pablo and Rusty are, but we’re really hoping that the former is a famed Mexican outlaw and the latter is his trusty robot sidekick. What better pair to open a café together? And speaking of good pairs, it’s pretty tough to beat coffee and doughnuts! Pablo & Rusty’s has excellent examples of both, so please do hop in and give ’em a whirl. Read more

I regularly visit P&R in Gordon with my coffee loving partner. The coffee is great, there is a cosy atmosphere and the service is always speedy. The food menu is limited, suited to snacks more than meals. Best of all they have no eftpos minimum so you can pay via card for just one coffee on your way to the station. Very convenient! –R_E_V_I_E_W_E_R_1

TrueLocal - Devon on Danks: Doughnuts and cronuts in Sydney

Devon on Danks


Did you know that Devon on Danks “brings fresh cronuts, great coffee and epic eats to downtown Waterloo?” Well, you do now! And, by the beard of Zeus, what cronuts they are! Whether it’s strawberry cheesecake, Oreo, kaya, raspberry, salted caramel popcorn, passionfruit and coconut, or any other flavoursome marvel they’ve devised, you know you’re in for a treat. Read more

I love the service and food here. Near my workplace so I frequent here. It’s a great place with great food. It’s clean, staff are friendly and I never have any issues with my meal here. Tried basically the whole menu now and would eat everything again haha highly recommended – emmatrachtenburg

TrueLocal - The Pig and Pastry: Doughnuts and cronuts in Sydney

The Pig and Pastry


Opened up in 2013 by husband and wife team Iain and Katherine Smart, The Pig and Pastry has swiftly emerged as one of Sydney’s most enjoyable spots for a pleasant bite to eat. The doughnuts are veritable works of art, served up in such intriguing flavours as smoked rhubarb, custard and hazelnut, passionfruit and lavender, and spiced apple pie. Yum! Read more

In my opinion, the most consistently good, pretty, kid-friendly cafe in the Inner West. It’s set right on the corner of a beautiful oval in Petersham on West St, really close to Parramatta Road, but you feel a world away. The decor is a bit casual french country industrial, quirky and retro. Flowers are everywhere. The food had always been delicious – scallywaggle

TrueLocal - Brewtown Newtown: Doughnuts and cronuts in Sydney

Brewtown Newtown always seems to find its way onto these lists, the cheeky little thing! Not without good reason, of course, as it’s pretty damn good at what it does. This time, we’re interested in the “brewnuts;” Brewtown’s own splendidly vibrant selection of crisply taste-tastic cronuts. They’re rather famous ’round here, and they’re always bound to put a big, goofy grin on your face. Read more

The place is known for its cronuts (donut-shaped croissant). Out of the many cronuts they had on offer that day, we tried their chocolate, cinnamon, and passion fruit cronuts. They were very soft and beautifully made they felt like they just melted inside my mouth. I also had their chai latte and it came in a beautiful tea set. –Easternian

TrueLocal - Kürtősh: Doughnuts and cronuts in Sydney


Surry Hills

While it may sound like a sound effect from the old Batman TV show, the word “Kürtősh” is actually derived from “Kürtőskalács,” a wonderfully indulgent Hungarian pastry often known as “chimney cake.” It’s the speciality here, naturally, and while it’s not quite a donut or a cronut, it’s close enough for us. Its simply too delicious to leave off the list! Read more

I just love this place. Their chimneys are very delicious and come in all kinds of flavours. I totally recommend trying the cinnamon and apple one, in my opinion it is the best. Additionally the owner is really friendly and makes very good strong coffee. – Ellie S.

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