Sydney’s Pho-nomenal Vietnamese

Grab a fistful of Dong (that’s Vietnamese currency, thank you); it’s time to hit up Sydney’s Vietnamese hot spots.

TrueLocal - Madame Nhu: Vietnamese in Sydney

Madame Nhu

Surry Hills

Who is the mysterious Madame Nhu? Well, according to the website, “Fiery, creative and original, chef-founder Nhu has a reputation of being the “dragon lady” of the kitchen.” Sounds terrifying but also delicious. We’ve never experienced such a wild cacophony of feelings before, but we kinda like it.
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Love their beef Pho. Amazingly very quick service even if you go during lunch hour! It tastes very fresh! Have been three times and will def keep coming back as long as they continue to produce delicious Pho. – mzthing


TrueLocal - Great Aunty Three: Vietnamese in Sydney

Great Aunty Three

Surry Hills

Great Aunty Three is the brainchild of Vietnamese-Australian corporate high-flyer, health nut and sublime chef Michael Le, a man with an apparently Da Vinci-esque number of careers. Inspired by the sumptuous cookery of Michael’s grandmother, Great Aunty Three promises delicious smoothies, juice blends and authentic Vietnamese street food. Glorious.
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If you like pork, the “Sydney” is the mother lode! Fatty and crunchy, with a tang of apple slaw to cut through. Amazing! – scallywaggle


TrueLocal - Pho TK: Vietnamese in Sydney

Pho TK


This place combines a genuinely outstanding Vietnamese pho menu with a kind of space age, 50s diner-style look that’s as enticing as it is baffling. Their logo features a jolly little guy who looks a bit like Astro Boy if he had classic male pattern baldness, which only adds to the gloriously weird enjoyment. Go see for yourself!
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It cannot go any more authentic than Pho TK. The food offerings are as original as you can get: the usual noodle soups, rice dishes with pork chop, spring rolls, and anything in between. I ordered their special beef noodle soup and it came quick (as I expected it to be), had a large portion size, and was delicious all with a reasonable price too. – Easternian


TrueLocal - Mama's Buoi: Vietnamese in Sydney

Mama’s Buoi

Crows Nest

Mama’s Buoi is a homely, leafy, wood-panelled restaurant specialising in delectable, creative and lovingly made versions of all your favourite Vietnamese classics. Renowned for its strong vegetarian offerings, it’s a great place to take anyone you’re looking to impress, charm, show off to, or simply feed very, very well.
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For a Pho-tastic experience without feeling thirsty – this is where you go. The prices are reasonable at $14 a bowl of Pho. The broth is delicious and the chicken ribs were so moorish I wanted more. Great local place to eat lunch or dinner. – atan7


TrueLocal - Misschu: Vietnamese in Sydney



Founded by Vietnamese immigrant, entrepreneur, philanthropist and all-round inspiring success story Nga Chu, Misschu is a swanky fast food chain that’s cornered the market on absolutely perfect Vietnamese finger food. Whatever the time of day and however loudly your stomach’s yelling at you, you’ll find everything you need to shut it up good and proper right up right here.
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The duck pancakes are potentially my favourite food group in the Southern Hemisphere. They are delectable. The dumplings are pretty tasty, although my ultimate favourites are the seared salmon, vermicelli salads and the rice paper rolls. They also deliver, yet another God send for those lazy nights when you heavily require door-to-door service. – ShaeShae


TrueLocal - Old Thanh Huong Restaurant: Vietnamese in Sydney

Contrary to popular belief, Old Thanh Huong is not the traditional Vietnamese New Year’s Eve song. It is, however, a long-standing, highly regarded eatery in Marrickville that gets top marks in taste, freshness and style. Head down at the weekend to sample the famous Bun Xeo pancake, which is truly a marvel of culinary engineering.
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Best Vietnamese food hands down! Very authentic, the food here is delicious and the staff serve you very quickly. Will come back here with friends again. – Pauline Weaver


TrueLocal - Pho Tau Bay: Vietnamese in Sydney

Pho Tau Bay


The 80s brought us many unfortunate things, including yuppies, hair metal and Spandex. Fortunately, they also brought us Pho Tau Bay, a charming little restaurant that specialises in dishing up scrumptious, traditionally prepared pho simply oozing with the tantalising flavours of Vietnam. If you’re after the real deal, this place is up there with the best.
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The best Vietnamese beef noodles in Sydney, hands down! Great Iced coffee too. – Michael v. Smith

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