Sydney’s Scrumptious Burger Joints

In Sydney, your options for juicy burgers are almost limitless, so we’ve gone ahead and cherry picked the finest burger joints around.  You’re quite welcome!

TrueLocal - Burger Project:Burgers in Sydney

For that unbeatable, old-fashioned flavour, you can’t do much better than Burger Project on George Street in bustling World Square. This burger joint is definitely the place to come for succulent, local beef that’s cut, minced and rolled by hand every single day. Mmm! Read more

Worth a visit! The burgers are great; I’ve tried the chilli cheese, and that was sensational! The chips are great as well. – Patrice.S

TrueLocal - Charlie & Co. Burgers:Burgers in Sydney

Charlie & Co. Burgers is the latest brainchild of multi-award-winning master chef Justin North, the man behind both Plan B and Etch restaurants. For truly delectable gourmet burgers at their finest, served up amidst tastefully refined surroundings, Charlie and Co. is the place to go! Read more

Really nice burgers, and set up nicely as a proper restaurant even though it’s on a food court level. – mike essens

TrueLocal - Mary's CBD:Burgers in Sydney

Mary’s CBD


If you’re simply after a great burger, and you want it fast, fresh and fantastically tasty, zip on down to Mary’s CBD on Castlereagh Street. With breakfast and lunch menus, veggie options, fried chicken and some rather snazzy artwork to boot, this is where you go for classic takeaway food from 10am to 10pm every day of the week. Read more

I know exactly what I want, and after a short wait and much anticipation, I get my white and black paper bag with my fried chicken burger and fries. The fried chicken is everything I want it to be – and more. It’s a generous, chunky, juicy serve of chicken fried in a glorious buttermilk batter. – jojostuff

TrueLocal - Burger10:Burgers in Sydney



Burger10 is indeed exactly what it sounds like – ten delicious gourmet burgers representing the unique flavours of ten different countries from across the globe, just waiting for you to sink your teeth into. There’s honestly nothing else like it. Read more

In addition to the usual pork and prawn burger, there are also some weird ones. One of them (which we ordered) was sushi rice and beef burger. The buns were actually rice shaped into buns… Taste-wise, it was actually quite delicious and combined with the price, it was quite reasonable. – Easternian

TrueLocal - Moo Gourmet Burgers:Burgers in Sydney

Started up by the grandson of the owner of Australia’s first ever milk bar, Moo Gourmet Burgers is a place steeped in rich, creamy tradition. With unbeatable milkshakes, vegetarian and kids’ menus, and over 20 wonderful gourmet burgers to choose from, it’s the perfect place for a happy family meal out. Read more

My little one loves Moo and always asks for their Little Cow meals. They give her crayons and paper and even hang up her artwork on their wall to display. For a place that caters to all sorts of ages, Moo really looks after their little guests, and we will keep coming back because of that! – debbi1980

TrueLocal - Chur Burger:Burgers in Sydney

Chur Burger

Surry Hills

So tough that even a devastating fire couldn’t keep them down, Chur Burger rose from the ashes bigger, better, and now with beer! Combining a relaxed, low-key atmosphere with great service and even better food, Chur Burger is just all kinds of yummy. Read more

Best burger I have ever tasted! I heard they made the best burgers in Sydney, wasn’t wrong. – CptnFisto

TrueLocal - Paul's Famous Hamburgers:Burgers in Sydney

The thing about Paul’s Famous Hamburgers is that they’re actually pretty famous. Going on 50 years of serving up fresh, juicy goodness wrapped in the fluffiest buns around, Paul’s Famous Hamburgers has been delighting locals and visitors alike longer than many of us have even been alive. If anyone knows proper Aussie hamburgers, it’s these guys. Read more

If you want memories of the good old days – this place is an ode to the traditional burger takeaway shop. Juicy burgers topped with the lot and freshly fried chips dusted with chicken salt… Delicious and a great stop to the south! – atan7

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